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He loves his box.

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Dewd,she has like, a few dents in her, but she drives like a dream.

But you know, I need to learn how these seats work.

Solid cardboard, baby.

Oh, and look at the doors! They're edible. *eats*

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Awwww Quill you love muffin I bet you are happy to play with anything.
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Oh my he is so very handsome! That face is absolutely adorable!

Please take some more pictures of him.
Can't get enough of that gorgeous puffy face of his
Those photos of him made us smile!
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Aww, I just love Quill! What cute pictures! Frisco loves to play in boxes too!
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So cute!! My Sassy loves boxes, too!!

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He's so pretty! Such a healthy looking boy.
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Priceless Quill is such a doll!
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Wow Dude, you have a, like totally awesome box! Quill is just a beauty! And so is Sassy!
Could be a love match there!
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he is so cute, in the first picture I think he's saying. it's MINE all MINE
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Awww, he is so cute!
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