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My cat bender is about 7 and a half months old, and i have noticed some weird behavior lately. he is supposedly neutered,( i got him from the humane society) and my other cats ARE spayed. a few days ago i saw Bender on top of Izzy (1 year old) biting her back, she was not happy about it. he was aggressive. i have been watching them lately and he does it regularly, not excessively though. is this just something a male cat will do? or maybe something didnt go correctly when he was neutered? i dont really know what to think. if anyone knows what this behavior means or why he woudl do this or what to do about it, let me know! thanks a bunch.
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That is nothing to worry about. Our cat Sage mounts a few of the females. Even though he is neutered, he does it occasionally & the girls don't really like it either but it isn't anything to worry about. Mounting is a dominance thing.

Keep an eye out for any really odd behavior just to be safe though.
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I know what you mean!! I've taken 2 of my boys in to make sure they got all the bits when they were fixed due to their behavior.

Unfortunately there is nothing left and that's just the way it is. I've been very disturbed to find that all 3 of my boys periodically mount each other. It's very disturbing and no body likes it (they one underneath is always crying and trying to get away).

I wish they'd figure out who was in charge!! Tre does it to Thomas, Thomas does it to Kota, and Kota does it to Tre.

I break it up when I hear them crying but...who knows what goes on when I'm not home.
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Heh, my spayed female cats do this to one another. It's definitely a dominance thing.
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Its more of a dominance thing if the cats are spayed/neutered. If you want, put a dab of Bitter Apple spray on the back of her neck so he will leave her alone.
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I was concerned about this type of behavior in my male too the first time I saw him with one of my females.

I started checking online for the behavior and found out it was normal (ok normal is a setting on your dryer I know)

We still discourage it, especially when it's in the middle of the night! LOL
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It's "normal". All my cats are neutered (with the exception of Geronimo) and they all still occasionally do this. As the others have said, it's a dominance thing: cats are very territorial...

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