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Neutering--should I ask for a painkiller?

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Tiny is going to be neutered tomorrow. I'm wondering whether it would make sense for me to ask for some pain pills for him... I know neutering isn't such major surgery as spaying is; but surely he's going to be sore. Will it be enough soreness to justify painkillers?
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That's a matter of personal preference. I have never gotten pain meds for neuters.
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I've never been given pain meds after a neuter and none of them have needed them. Mosi just bounced out of his carrier after his neuter and started jumping around as though nothing had happened. He certainly wasn't in any pain and didn't need any pain relief the next day either.
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I know sometimes pain meds arn't a good idea because the pain is the cats natural way to tell them to slow down, they are going to hurt themselves. Take the pain away and they may overdo jumping and physical activity in general. It'll make the healing process worse or longer. I guess if you are going to be confining him after the neuter, then it shouldn't be a problem to have pain meds. You could always ask your vet, they may not even offer them.
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Sonic didn't have painkillers, I honestly don't believe that it is necessary for a very minor procedure like a neuter, muscle tissue hasn't been involved so there isn't bruising around the incision. It heals completely within 2 days. I'm really not in favour of giving painkillers for something that minor and quickly healing - drugs put a strain on the liver, and it simply isn't necessary for a straightforward neuter.

Radar had a long-acting painkiller/sedative injection after his neuter and hernia op, but the hernia surgery is worse than a spay, and he did need something to take the edge off that first night. I asked the vet about oral pain medication to take home with me, and the vet said that if he felt no soreness at all he wouldn't know to 'pace himself' and could accidentally rip the stitches out or overdo it without feeling the damage he was doing. He didn't need them anyway when it came down to it!

If there is any visible pain or discomfort worse than a little tenderness when they sit down, then something isn't right.
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i don;t think that is needed most animals don't need it
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Most likely dont need it but think about if you have minor surgery would you like the edge taken off???
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Most likely dont need it but think about if you have minor surgery would you like the edge taken off???
These days human males can get a vasectomy in their lunch break and be back at their desk for the afternoon. I know people who have done so! An ingrowing toenail is vastly more 'major' and painful. I do think I'd rather not give a cat's small liver any more to deal with than is absolutely necessary.
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I take shelter cats to the vets for speutering, and it's not usual for males to get painkillers after being castrated. Females often do, but spaying a female is far more involved.
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I just had my two kittens neutered and pain meds (3 days worth) were included in the price of the procedure. They don't seem to make them loopy or drowsy, so I think I'll go ahead and use them (since they were included). I don't think that they gave us any for the dog when he was neutered.

Perhaps they will groom the area more if it "hurts", than if not?

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Jack was just neutered Monday, I am pretty sure I was more concerned than he was. He bounded out of the carrier box and ran off immediately. They gave me a couple of pills I could give him... but I ended up not giving him any.

I am not a fan of giving him pills he doesn't need. I am paranoid he will react to the med itself. If he hadn't been playful and as insane as normal I would have given it to him.
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I was given pain meds for Seamus when he was neutered.. he hates pills so I offered it to him in a pill pocket and he didnt take it... I didn't force the issue because he didn't seem to be in pain... but I had them on reserve in case... worst case, if you want, get them and play it as it happens... if he seems uncomfortable, give it, if not, don't...

I'm a little particular about medications myself and only use if absolutely necessary so I seemed to take the same approach with him. When I had my wisdom teeth out I only took the pain meds the first day when it was unbearable... you'll be able to tell if he really needs the pain soothed...
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I decided not to ask for pain meds. Tiny is usually pretty active, and if he's sore and slows down, that'll be a good thing. I think I'll be able to tell if he's *really* in pain, and not just sore.

He's at the vet's now... I can't believe I'm nervous, but I am!
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for TINY
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How's Tiny doing?
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He's home! His butt is sore, he's annoyed at the world and hiding under the bed, and Baby won't go near him 'cause he smells like the vet... but he is home and he is fine!

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Happy to hear all is well.
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Hugs and positive thoughts to Tiny. The sore butt should be better by tomorrow.
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I just dropped my Niko off tonight for his neuter and when I started to decline pain medication, the nurse/whatever made me feel as though I was being cruel. So I opted in for it, not really ever having a cat and I didn't want him to be uncomfy.

If it's not needed, why did she push them on me, making me feel guilty? Just to get the moolah?
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