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My nephew

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I don't think I ever posted pictures of him so here he is.

Alejandro Thomas

3 months old

2 months old
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he's so pretty!!! Lucky you!
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He's adorable!
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He's a cutie!
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Awww, he's a cutie!!!
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He is such a cute little guy! Those eyelashes never end!

Alejandro is a great name! Thanks for sharing his photos, keep posting them as he grows up
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What a doll baby
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My sister wanted to give him a name that really meant something so she named him Alejandro after his father and Thomas after his late grandfather (my dad).
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He is sooo sweet!! And I love the name, and how hes named after someone.
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Ooooh what a cutie pie!
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Aww, he is so cute!
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