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I am a procrastinator.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Not if i can help it

It's housework night tonight, will i leave it until tomorrow night, when hell freezes over i will
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90% procrastinator if I don't like what I have to do!
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I'm going to borrow my sweetie's line: I'd be a GREAT procrastinator if I ever got around to it!
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I procrastinate with some work doing my charting, I procrastinate. Now that I am looking to move next May/June, I am already looking for a job and a house. I'm kind o excited to move, could ya tell?!!
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It really depends, I never procrastinate when it comes to work related issues.
I have to keep up with it or else it would become overwhelming really quickly.
Home is different. For the most part I will do things as they need to be done, however, I do occasionally just leave stuff until later if the mood strikes me.
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I was going to answer this earlier, but I kept putting it off...
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I stay on top of things.

If I'm not organised and in control I would whither and die

It's sad really but that what you get with an anxiety disorder (I have obsessional neurosis) - everything has to be perfect
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I will reply to this thread tomorrow. . .
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I'm a little bit of both. It depends on what needs to get done...
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i'm a procrastinator on some things if i'm not interested in it or don't want to do it. if it's something i'm interested in- i usually will stay on top of things. it really just depends!
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I mostly wait until the very last minute....I need to get over that!
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