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Hello! I'm not too sure about this but I think my kitten has a lip infection.
It was caused by them, the kittens, running into what I call The Dirty Corner! At first it was an eye infection but today I came to put some medicine on his eye to find his lip swollen and red but his eyes had gotten better. Another kitten had also had an eye infection but he's almost healed.
But the worst part is that the kitten who has the lip infection is deformed! He can't walk that good and waddles, when he sits he spreads his feet out and just slumps and his eyes point in two different directions, but he's so sweet none the less! He was chased into the corner by two dogs who somehow got in we chased them out so they won't come again.
But I don't know how to help the little guy... and it'll be a while before we can get him to the vet.
Please help me!
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You might want to give him a bath, wash gently around his face, rinse well, and gently keep the medicine on his mouth. My cat got an infection I think from THE DREADED TOILET. I took her to the vet and they gave her antibotics. I take all measures now to keep her out of the bathroom. You might want to put something in The DIRTY CORNER so your cats will never go there again.
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