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something is wrong

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last night i woke up and found the big gray kitten on the other side of my closet away from the others. now he is making noises when he breathes and meows constantly. could this be because je was away from the warmth from skeeters body and he was too cold? wat should i do, im scared for him!?!?!?
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Yes, it does sound like something is wrong and you should get the all to the vet asap!
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I don't think you should take the newborn kitten to the vet. You should warm the kitten up with a hot water bottle or by tucking it into your shirt. Then put it back with Momma and see if it will nurse. Kittens get chilled easily and the first thing is to warm it enough so it will be able to eat again.
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Watch to be sure Momma is cleaning and feeding the kitten. If not, rubbing something yummy on the kitten's back may entice Momma to "clean" him up.

I recommend getting a large cage and locking the Momma in with the kittens. I had one foster who kept trying to move her kittens around the room, and she would have two in one area and two in another. Sometimes the Momma's just get confused! Putting them all together in a crate or cage will ensure she stays close.

Sometimes the Momma does know best, and there is something wrong with one kitten, and that is why she separates it.

I hope your baby does ok! Let us know, please.
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