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I need help.....

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Hi I have a 4 year old male neutered cat. Hes obese but in good health. About a year ago he started to get UTI's and he was eventually cleat of them. He was peeing on the floor and hes back to peeing on the floor now. Nothing has changed and hes not urinating blood and his bladders not tender. Does anyone have any idea what could be bothering him? My other question...what is the best way to take cat pee out of the carpet. I have tried every cleaner on the market...got any new ideas??
Thanks a bunch
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Hi Tianna,

I am moving this to the Health Forum for you. Ok now that it is moved. Have you taken him in recently to be vet-checked? That would be the first thing to do. Reoccuring UTI can be the cause of something greater and can lead to problems for him and a huge vet bill for you.

This subject comes up so much that there is a special thread dedicated just to this. The link is below, but please, if you haven't taken your cat to the vet recently, he needs a visit.

Peeing inappropriately
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Yeah hes been the vet and he says hes in good health. Its really just driving me batty. I could never get rid of him, but I cant have him peeing on the carpet. Thank you so much.
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then I would ask you what are you feeding him?
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have you tried this spray called "spot shot" for the carpets? it works really well! takes the odour and cleans carpet well. i used for all spots/spills and when my cat didn't like her litter she peed on the carpet once cleared the mess up real nice!
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If you are feeding him dry food, switch over to wet for awhile and see if that does the trick.
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He gets both. He definatly likes the soft better. The vet told me to give him one cup of food in the morning and at night...problem though I have 2 other kittens, and they can use the weight. Thanks for all of your help I really do appreciate it!!
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Have you tried Natures Miracle for the cat pee/stains?
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One problem about cat urine on the carpet is it soaks in incredibly fast and has staying power. One of the best ways to remove the scent is to get an enzyme cleaner and inject the cleaner (with a syringe) you can get one from a vet. Inject it straight down and just wait for the enzymes to break it down and take it away.

You can go here and using the search engine for Meowhoo look up stain and odor control. Another trick is to get a black light flashlight and use that at night to make sure you got all the urine up. The urine glows in the black light.

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