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Hey guys

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Hi everyone,

Had some free time (finally) and decided I had better check in. Things have been a bit chaotic here lately. The weather is finally turning nice, and so there is lots to do around the farm. Just finished replanting our one pasture only took me two days!

New Black Pause comes in the house now, he is getting so bold. He has learned that no one here will hurt him, and he had his first taste of turkey the other day. There were 4 new kittens dumped on us last week, all four so feral that the first thing they did was scoot under the house...sigh... I know they were turned loose here, as we found a cardboard box shoved under our gate, and neither one of us put it there. Hubby says no way can we can keep them, and I know that, but the object is to at least get them accepting of other people before finding them a home.

Looks like a lot of new people are finding this board and I wish I had time to read all the posts, but as it is now, I have to go. Take care all-----!!
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Hissy; I miss you when you are to busy to post very often. I know I am not the only one. I appreciate ow busy life on the farm can be once the weather stays warm. Hope everything works out with the new ferals. They are lucky to have been left at you gate. (if only the people who dump of animals could live one day in their places they would realize how terrifing life can be for helpless creatures) Many thanks for all you do for so many who have no voices to thank you. God be with you and Bless You for their sakes.

you are truly an in
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Great to hear from you - Hissy!

I was getting worried. Did you get my email?

I hope everything is okay - we miss you!
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Good to hear from you!

sounds like things are busy as ever. those kitties were very lucky to find themselves at your farm.
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Oh Hissy.....it is SO good to hear from you!!!! We all miss you so much when you aren't around!!!
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Hissy; I was really blown away by what I saw on the news the last few days concerning the virus(?) that is targeting unborn foals among KY. Thorobred breeders. Does this effect horses everywhere? What exactly is it?/or can you tell me where I can go on the net to learn more about it? It sounds really scary for horse breeders, but something that all people who appreciate these beautiful animals should be concerned about. TLK
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It is a toxic fungus brought on (they believe) by such a late frost that settled in the pasture. 3 out of 4 foals are dying. They have had 18 different breeds affected and over 187 million dollars loss to the industry. The symptoms are a fluid sac around the heart and unusual eye problems. Many of the top mares are being trucked out of state, though there have been a few cases reported in Ohio now. There is a video you can watch if you have realplayer at http://www.keeneland.com

It is really sad because they can't save the babies, and they have no idea down the road if there will be long-term effects with the mares..plus the mares go into mourning and they have that stress to deal with as well. What a mess....
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I must live in a cave, because I had no idea this was happening.

so sad.
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Hissy; Thank you. I will try to view the video. I knew that you would know where I could get more information. I knew that horses were very sensitive and intuitive creatures, but I did not know that the loss of a colt puts the Mare in mourning. . . . That truly saddens my heart. No wonder you love horses so. They experience so many almost human emotions. I wish I were in a situation where I could be around horses more. I have read/seen stories about their healing abilities when used in physical and mental therapy programs. It always amazes me the results that the equine therapy produces.
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They are so upset that I left them for 6 days, that when I go out to the pasture to say hello, they turn their heads away. They don't walk away, they are to well-trained for that, but they make it clear that they are very angry that I dared leave them! LOL They have no idea how much I missed them either. I am sure we will work through this latest challenge all of us, but to add insult to injury, when Mike goes out there, they come running up to him and wait for him to scratch them! My feelings are definitely hurt on this one! It is the first time we have been apart since I got the two of them together. That'll teach me to go off without them! LOL Wonder how Racer would of liked the peanuts and soda on the plane????
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Hissy: This just reinterrates what I said about how amazed I am at how emotional horses are. What a gift you have to be so attuned to them. I am sure when they feel you have paid your dues; they will come back around. Isn't it funny how they are a lot like cats in this respect?
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Welcome back Hissy!

I missed you and am glad you're back! That's a real tragedy about the foals. I never knew anything like that existed till now.

I have such a fond respect for those beautiful, gentle animals that when I had my hysterectomy, I refused to go on Premarin. I instead chose a synthetic estrogen. I try to do my part to help animals anyway I can.
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