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New Momma

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So this is my third Momma this season...but the first one who has actually made it to me still pregnant...YAY...now here is the thing...my first Mom was very tiny, only about 6 lbs and was about 8 months old with a litter of 5...she got sick when they were 4 weeks old and passed away...second Mom was about 10 months old, healthier and only had 2 kittens...

This gal is probably about 8 months old...and weighs maybe 5 lbs...tiny...I would guess she has 2+ weeks to go...what can I do to get her as healthy as possible in those two weeks...obviously all the food she can eat, but is there vitamins or something I can give her to help with labor and the aftermath...

Praying for a small litter for our small girl Chrissy.
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Aw, poor little girl! I would just feed her as much kitten food as she wants. You can get canned kitten food, too. That may help her provide for the babies. Also be sure she has been wormed if your vet allows that when preggers. The worms take a lot out of the pregnant kitties and newborn kittens, too.
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And KMR, of course! Hoping very hard that she has a small family...
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