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Poor Tiger!

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I feel terrible for laughing at him but it was hilarious!

I noticed that he was acting weird and constantly looking back at his tail and meowing pitifully so I kneeled down to him and there were 2 giant, erm, turds stuck to his Coon-tail! His first, "Meowmy! Get this off me!" moment and most certainly not the last! So, I had to take the scissors and snip them off along with parts of his lovely tail. It was too mushed in there... Omg, I'm laughing as I'm typing this! Thankfully he stayed in the kitchen and didn't get it all over the carpet.

So, have anyone else's kitties get into this smelly situation?
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Sounds like my boy, Tucker! He gets to have all of the fun, poor guy!
The first time he did it, I had to get Mike to help me hold him down while I snipped!
He is a big furry boy with a hairy behind.
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Yep, at least every couple weeks I have to stick Riley's back end under the tub faucet and wash him off

I've considered getting him a sanitary shave but then he would look so silly!
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