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Hi again.
We're still ok and I've found the following story in today's newspaper...

RSPCA praises mystery pair who fought Weston blaze, freed animals

Two animal lovers have been praised for their heroism in rescuing 10 dogs trapped during Saturday’s firestorm that destroyed half of the RSPCA headquarters in Weston.
The entire facility was on fire when the two people arrived and extinguished fires at the cattery, administration building and dog kennels.
RSPCA chief executive Simon Tadd didn’t get the names of the two people, but he said if it wasn’t for them the fire would have been a complete disaster for the centre.
“I got there and found that every house in the street was on fire and the RSPCA was in flames and there weren’t any police or firies in sight,†Mr Tadd said.
“And then I found these two people who had just been driving past, putting out the flames at the cattery and they’d let out all the dogs that had been trapped.â€
Mr Tadd didn’t get the names of the two people, although he believed one was a volunteer who worked at the shelter.
He said the RSPCA would always be grateful to them.
“Without them we would have absolutely nothing left … we owe them a great deal,†Mr Tadd said.
Before the flames reached the RSPCA most of the 120 animals had been evacuated to veterinary centres, private homes and the National Zoo and Aquarium.
Three kittens and several birds were killed by the fire and one dog had to be put down after suffering smoke inhalation.

On a less pleasant note though, I also found this story...

Vets end injured animals’ suffering

The city’s veterinarians had the grim task of putting down injured pets, horses and livestock that had survived Saturday’s fires which killed hundreds of animals in the suburbs and on farms around Canberra.
While fewer than 10 of the RSPCA’s 120 animals died, more than 25 dogs and cats were killed when the Woden-Weston Animal Hospital in Holder was destroyed.
The death toll was far greater on properties that were consumed by the sweeping fires.
Dr Ken Jacobs of the Canberra Veterinary Hospital in Lyneham said that he had seen more than 300 sheep, 50 horses and 15 cattle that died during the fires or had to be put down afterwards.
“The intensity of this fire was obviously something we’ve never seen before and the losses of animals were far greater than after any bushfire I’ve ever seen,†Dr Jacobs said.
Farmers whose livestock survived were now faced with the problem of feeding the remaining animals.
Many farmers’ reserves of feed, already dimished due to the drought, were destroyed by the flames.

The latest news that we have reports that 4 people have been killed and 402 homes have been destroyed.

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Thanks for the updates, Louise. You and Bundy stay safe and look out for your families and yourselves.
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You're right. Heroic deeds and tragedy. Life can be so sad, but just when you're ready to lose faith in the innate goodness of people, their goodness glows like a rainbow against a dark sky! Try to protect your lungs from that awful smoke. It's dangerous. Don't go outside unless you absolutely have to, and keep filters clean on your air conditioning.
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Just now seeing all this. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Take care of yourselves and the fur family and stay safe. Rinse your eyes out with cool water frequently, it will help with the burning. Try and bottle up some water in small drinking bottles in case you all have to make a run for it; but I'm sending good thoughts that it will not come to that.

I'm so nervous for you all. Since I am just now on-line, I'm not sure when anyone gave the latest update. Again, all the Ausies please take care.
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Leslie and Louise,
I've been on vacation and have just read this! My prayers are with your families! It's so aweful! Please be safe!
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Thanks for all your good wishes and tips. They are very much appreciated
It's Tuesday morning here and the other side of Canberra (Belconnen suburbs) are now on high alert.
Leslie's side of town is still ok.
Yass has not been put on alert yet. There are fires burning near Yass, but they are contained at the moment.
The weather has forecast a pick up in wind and heat today and that is why the Belconnen suburbs have been told to make preparations to evacuate. My 2 brothers and mother are in the Belconnen area, so it's fingers crossed here that these winds don't pick up.
So far the winds have not started to pick up when they expected them too. There is also still so much haze around that it's actually stopping the sun getting through and heating things up. They're hoping that the haze will stick around and keep the winds and heat away.
Here's hoping!
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Keep the updates coming Louise, we're all still concerned!

I've never been involved in a fire, but when my mother was young she was at our families cottage when a fire started. This was back in the 40's and it spread straight across one side of the lake.

Today you can still see evidence since certain tree species never got a foothold again and are not seen on our side of the lake but are growing on the other side.

The stress must be so high and it's so hard when things are out of your control.

We're still with you in spirit and thoughts.

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Just seeing the fires on TV is REALLY SCARY!!!!! I hope both of you and all your loved ones will get through this safely!!!!!
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Glad to hear you guys are still OK. I saw some footage on CNN and it just looked like a war zone. (I have to admit, though, at that point in the day Leslie hadn't shown up on here so I was watching everyone in the background of the report from the suburbs of Canberra for a glimpse of Leslie or Pete to make sure they were OK!)

I'll still be thinking of both of you, and both of your families. Especially your family, Louise.
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It's 12.30pm here now and the winds have picked up as expected.
Apparently the fire is getting closer to the Belconnen suburbs and is about 10km away from them now.
I'm at work in the central city area of Canberra.
They keep adding more suburbs to the alert list and now all 3 suburbs that my brothers and mother are in are on alert.
Lots of people are leaving my workplace to go home.
I haven't heard of any further threat to Yass so I'm remaining here in Canberra for the moment in case anyone needs help.
I'm wary of the fact that my way to get home is through the potential path of the fire though so the road might end up being blocked off. If it heads that way then I'm straight out of here to get home before that happens.
Lee is at home in Yass with Orion & Draco and he says the winds have picked up there as well.
Leslie's side of town is still safe from threat, so that's good.

Thanks again for all your good wishes. I will keep the updates coming.
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Lots of good luck to both Louise's and Leslie's families. We keep our fingers crossed for you.
Please continue with the updates as long as you can, as I'm sure we all follow them on the minute.

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Latest information on Saturday's fire:

Houses Destroyed

419 destroyed, many more damaged.

Duffy 236
Chapman 88
Kambah 35
Holder 31
Rivett 13
Weston 5
Lyons 3
Curtin 3
Giralang 2
Torrens 1
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OMG! Just picked up on this thread and am frightened for the both of you, PurringPanther and Bundylee.

Keep safe the pair of you, don't take any silly risks and get the heck out if necessary with all your furbabes in tow.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the winds don't pick up or turn to where you don't want them and that all will be well.

Thinking of you,

Diana xx
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Hi again
It's 10:30pm here and everything is still ok.
I left work and came home to Yass early today because it sounded like the fires were getting closer.
It did still get very hot today but the winds did not pick up as much as they expected, thanks to the haze.
The fires are still under control and have not broken any containment lines yet.
Yass is still safe and has not been put on alert as yet.
The Belconnen side of Canberra are still on alert for the moment but they expect to be able to bring them back off alert tomorrow.
Leslie's side of Canberra is still ok too.
The forecast for the next couple of days is a lot cooler and less wind so they're hoping this will allow them to get the fires much more under control.
The forecast for the weekend however is for conditions to deteriorate again unfortunately. Let's hope the next few days gives them a chance to do something about these fires before that happens.
Fingers crossed!
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Thread Starter 
Thanks Louise!!! I have been very slack with updates thank goodness for your journalistic skills!!!

Also I am very negative at the moment feeling like running away (don't we all) I wanna see some blue sky!!!!!!!!!!! Urggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
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Louise and Bundy, don't endanger yourselves, to keep us updated. Thank goodness, both of your homes are still safe. Take care. ((()))
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I demand you to keep safe! You are in my prayers and sending rain dances your way!
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