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Traumatic vet appt!

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Well it didn't go very well at the vet today

The girls meowed the entire time.
Then after they were weighed I put Bobs back in the carrier and she peed.
So I had to clean that up and her up as best as possible.

Plus a new vet......

So Bobber-her weight was down from March (that's ok) But there we several small lumps felt so we have to have those removed and biopsied.
Plus fleas were terrible (never been a problem before)
No surgery until fleas can be controlled (picked up Revolution today)

Grizzly: weight was up 7 oz so she is a little over 12 pounds.
Again fleas!!! (more revolution)
Would like teeth cleaned and inspected however fleas must be controlled and her gums bleed easy so she will have to be on antibiotics before this is done.

Bobs meowed all the way home-I let her out of carrier and she couldn't get in house fast enough and hid for over an hour. I thought for sure she would run outside and we wouldn't see her for awhile.

Then to top it off while the garage door way shutting Ox ran underneath (as usual) and the door stopped on top of him!! It went back up right away though. He seems ok but I'll have to watch him-I thought he was going to be really injured but ran off (another life gone)

Good thing I had an adult beverage in the refrigerator!!
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Oh my gosh! What a trip!

I think you need a few drinks!
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Yikes, thats a stressful trip to the vet!

What happened to Ox happened to my brother's cat Fluff back when I was in middle school. She was dodging under the garage door when we slammed it automatic garage door closer! She got mooshed! X( She seemed fine but in a day we noticed a hard lump on her side. Turns out the garage door had pushed her intestines between her ribs & skin. ACK!

She had to have surgery to put it back but other than that she was fine, no internal bleeding. Thank goodness! Keep an eye on Ox, as long as it didn't hit him hard he should be okay though. :hug:
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I hope that doesn't happen to OX as his is 18 1/2 and I don't know how well he would do with surgery!!
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What a day... I know how you feel. Days like that are the norm for me. . . Hope tomorrow is better!
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Oh dear! *hugs* i can't imagine how painful that would've been. And yes, new vets aren't always that good until you know them and they know your kitties!
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She did seem pretty thorough but I was embarrassed about the fleas and then how she phrased that surgery/teeth cleaning can't be done until fleas are under control or they would have to take care of them before the surgery-hello I'll take care of it (already 1st treatment).
Well at least she cleaned Bobber up. But she's a transplant from another state too.
Oh well at least Bobber's a bit more calm now. (and me with 2 Mike's hard lemonade)
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ooooo! Poor babies!

If they don't come out after a while, give 'em a bit of nip. Actually if Patches is tramatized, we let her have the nip directly out of the jar
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Ugh. Sounds like a fun trip with my boy, Tucker. One time he pooped in his carrier, & the time after that, he peed. The other 2 are always good even though they meow alot but that's no biggie, it makes for an entertaining ride, but Tucker is so neurotic, I swear.
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Yikes, vets are never fun.
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Poor babies

Hope things go better when it is time for the surgery.
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I just took my 2 to the vet last week and it was traumatic for us too. I feel your pain.
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My fur kids love the vets.
Apparently Zoey woke up from her spay surgery and started talking. She talked the entire time she remained there (my vet keeps them 2 days postop because he believes it cuts down on the postop issues). Everytime I called to check on her, I could hear her. The funny thing is that she really doesn't talk that much at home - and still does when she goes in there.
The dogs pull me in the door to the vets - probably the cause of my rotator cuff injuries. They love going to the back to be weighed and checked over. I usually take all three together (around 250 lbs total) as he gives a discount on the office visits this way.
I recommended him to some friends and their fur kids love him too. Strange.
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I'm sorry your visit to the vet was so rough, Gail! And thank goodness for garage doors that work, and don't harm the kitties!
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