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Please tell me what you think Sharky :)

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I went to my local petco and was bothered by the fact that they didn't carry any of the brands I wrote down from reading here nor did they seem educated or care.

Pet Barn had some of the food on the list and the young gentleman was happy to help me this is what I left with.

Dry 1 bag each: Innova EVO, Felidae I and Nutro-Natural Choice
wet food: an assortment of Natural Balance and Feliae w/chicken, turkey, lamb and fish in a chicken broth (was the only flavor they had)

starting next tuesday (10/9/07) they will be stocking Natures variety (raw frozen diets) should i get any of that stuff?

hugs minou lover
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Raw is much better than dry ...

I have had Walter on NV frozen raw for 2 weeks and he is doing GREAT! And he loves it.
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Raw is SOMETHING to research and if you go that route find a like minded vet ( trust me mine gets ?? s regularly from me)///

the dry s you picked up all get a good rating from me... NOTE all are poultry based ... more of a flavor note

the wet I would likely say add in some of the wet versions of the drys you got ....
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Heheeee, when are we getting an 'Ask Sharky' forum?
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NOTE I have a PM box, I usually reply in 24 hours ... thou the ?? s so far are help for all
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Out of the three dry foods i bought today i put two small pyrex bowls out of each.

Nutro-natural choice won hands down with innova EVO coming in 2nd when the two bowls of Nutro were gone

They don't really like Felidae I

And about the vet and raw foods, she told me lots of people were going that route and just warned me that animals can get salmanilla too. To be extra careful with handling their foods and not to take chances. I don't think she was into nutrion alot, or maybe filling in for a missing vet she is a little over whelmed.

She didn't seem concerned about bawana's weight, figured I would find a way to handle it. Oh I did tell her about all the wonderful people here who help each other with anything from computers to anything on cats She wished more people would get involved with the care of their animals.

It was the first time in her life she had ever seen identical twin cats!! And with so many oddities. as in pure white, odd eyed (blue and golden - which is very rare) not blind or deaf, 15 & 17 pounds.

Hugs and thanks for all the help and love you all have given me over the past few days

Heck I mean since I have been a member

Menou Lover
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