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Cat peeing only when in heat

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SO I have a cat, about 1yr old. We never, EVER, have any problems with her.

Except when she's in heat.

My fiancee has issues with spaying cats. She doesn't WANT to. So we're trying to avoid it as much as possible.

But this cat is driving me insane...

She pees on stuff ONLY when she's in heat. Why is this? Is there a way to stop it?

The litterbox is otherwise clean, and she uses it regularly without issue. Even when she IS in heat. She'll still use the litterbox, but then there's the stuff that she pees on. And there's no discernable 'pattern' that I can see. It's just random 'stuff' we've got around the house.

So is there anything I can do about this? Or is getting the cat fixed the only solution?


I know this is an issue that's been answered numerous times. The only reason I'm asking it AGAIN is because the problem ONLY occurs when she is in heat. And I can't find anything regarding THAT info... So sorry if this is a dumb question...
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My cat did this when she was in heat. I thought she was peeing but was actually spraying on stuff. The only thing that stopped it was getting her spayed. Ask your vet if there is another solution. Unless you want to have kittens this should be done anyway. Best of luck.
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Sadly, I never manage to catch her in the act. I always only find signs of her doing so.

WITHOUT catching her in the act, how can I tell if it's a peeing (UTI, other problem) problem, or if it's her spraying?
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Well, really, if she's spraying then you can't really stop her unless she's spayed. Why does your fiancee not want her spayed? Really it can cause very bad medical problems to allow a cat to go unspayed or neutered. If you need information about spaying to bring to her I'm sure you can find plenty both here and across the internet.

The truth is there is no medical reason NOT to spay a cat and there are many medical reasons TO spay.

Otherwise you may be stuck dealing with a lady-kitty spraying.
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And that is the issue.

I don't KNOW if she is spraying or peeing.

Is there a way to tell the difference AFTER it's been done? Like I said, I NEVER manage to catch her in the act...
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Well, to be honest it doesn't really matter if she's spraying or just peeing, she's marking either way, and this is a very common behavior in unaltered cats. The only way to get her to stop is to spay her. If I may ask, what are your finacee's reasons for not spaying? Unaltered females can develop a life threatening disease call pyometra, which is basically an infection of the uterus, and if it is caught in time can cost hundreds of dollars in surgery fees, a lot more than a simple spay. Unaltered females also have a very high incidence of mammary cancer. Many members here have noted that after a spay, their kitties become much more loving and even-behaviored, spaying really is in your kitty's best interest....plus it will most likely stop the peeing!
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Well because she only does it while in heat, it could mean that it's spraying. Also, where is she 'peeing'? ....spraying will be done on objects that are prominent and more vertical, as I recall.

Does the urine smell strongly? Where do you find the evidence of her 'peeing'?

And I totally agree with Katie. She definitely has the right idea about her behavior. If you both get her spayed you and your fiancee will be much happier.

Edited to add:
Also, even breeders only leave their cats unspayed/unfixed for a certain period of time.
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That is perfectly normal behaviour for a mature unspayed female cat, the only thing you can do to stop it is to get her spayed.

If your fiancee needs convincing, google 'pyometra' and show her some of the pages that come up - she wouldn't want that happening to her 'bits and pieces' and hopefully reading about the likelihood of her cat ending up with a uterus full of pus will generate some sisterly concern and convince her to do the right thing
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Not only that, but she's risking your cat to get early cancers (uterine, etc.) by keeping her unspayed. And one day she will be so frustrated that she will escape and come home pregnant. The fact that she's been in/out of heat over and over can cause problems with pregnancy or delivery.

IMO there is NO reason not to get her spayed. Please have her look at this board and talk to a vet about the need to have your cat spayed. BTW how can you guys stand her going in and out of heat every few weeks and crying all the time. IMO you are torturing the cat!
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