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Nature's Miracle Clumping Litter & Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box

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For litter, we used to use World's Best, and liked the clumping capabilities as well. However, our cat tracked this all over the apartment and it was not fun to clean off all those little yellow cat paw prints (cute as they were) off of our couch.

We switched to Feline Pine. Our cat didn't pee all that often or all that much. It would take about 2 weeks for all the pellets to disintegrate into sawdust and we would change it (scooped every day of course).

Fast forward 2 years. We now have a ~1 y/o boy who is now a whopping 11lbs and his poops are large and he pees standing up. We do use a covered box so the pee hits the wall of the box and drips down and seeps into the crack where the lid meets the base of the box. He also sometimes poops with his butt dangling out of the doorway.

I recently read some great things about Nature's Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter. I'd love a clumping litter, but anyone who's used this - how is it tracking-wise? We live in a 1 bedroom apartment and we'd like to keep tracking to a minimum (as much as possible).

Also, I'm thinking that the Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box would eliminate some tracking issues as well as my little boy's dangling butt habit and also the pee getting into the crack issue too. Has anyone got good/bad things to say about this? Did your cat adjust to it quickly etc.?

Thanks! I know this is a long post about litter, but hey, maybe I'll find a perfect solution!
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It's been awhile since I used straight Nature's Miracle.. but I'm thinking it tracked a fair bit more than the World's Best does. But I'm not quite sure on the comparison, as I got a grate to put down in front of the box back with the NM and that seems to catch all the litter off Chase's paws. (On that note, they also make rug-type things to catch litter that would surround the entire box.. that might help rub off any litter?) Right now I use a mixture of the two, because the NM helps with the odor a bit more, but I am much happier with WB's clumping and lasting power.
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I can't comment on the litter, but as far as the litterbox, you can save a ton of money by buying Rubbermaid storage tubs and making one almost identical to the one you linked.
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We have a Clever Cat litter box, and I love it. It *definitely* cuts down on the tracking. Most of the litter that gets out of the box stays in the grooves on the lid. It makes keeping things clean much easier.

Lilly uses it no problem, and I think she prefers it to any other litter box we've had. Leo has had major uti issues, and now will only use an open box with no lid so he can perch all 4 paws on the edge, while dangling his butt over the litter to go. I have pine litter in that box to cut down on the tracking, which has helped.
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I put a throw rug in front of the litter box upon their exit and most of the litter tracks fall on that. I just pick it up and shake it out.

Sorry, haven't tried NM litter.
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If you're concerned about tracking, then keep using pine litter and buy or make a sifting litter box. There should be virtually no tracking, and the box will be low maintenance.
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If I remember correctly, nature's miracle is the fine brown litter, it tracks more then the standard litter in my opinion. I've used the clevercat with most litters and I prefer World's Best. Not much tracking with this combination and clean up is easy.
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