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Cutting claw help

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I just recently got my first cat and it is about time for her claws to be trimmed. I have looked on google for advice on how to trim claws but haven't had any success w/ the advice on any of the sites. I understand the technicalities of cutting the claws, firm grip on the paw w/ forefinger and thumb, gently squeeze the first pad and the claw will be extended, don't cut the quick, etc.

The problem I am having is the cat wont stay still through the process and doesn't like the idea of having her claws trimmed at all. I can't have one person hold the cat and I trim as I live alone....I even tried the kitty burrito but she hated that even more than the idea of having her claws trimmed. So thus far I have had to resort to sneaking up on her while she is sleeping and quickly cutting one, maybe two claws at a time before she wakes up.

If any of you have any ideas short of having the vet cut it (don't want to pay $20 every two-three weeks for what should be a 1 minute long procedure) then it would be much appreciated.

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I had the same problem. What worked for me was kneeling down with the cat between my legs to keep her from moving. I haven't had Gracie long, but she already seems to be getting used to it.
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I train my kittens/cats to lay on their backs in my lap and have one arm around them and my hands to hold the paw and trim. I've picked up friends cats, got a nail clipper out and firmly held the cat on my lap and trim all 4 feet in 2-3 mins at the most.

The owners look at me like "how in the heck do you do that"? Maybe take the cat to a groomer or your vet and have the tech show you how to hold the cat and trim the nails.
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I tend to trim claws when they are sleepy, sometimes I only manage to get one done, if I am desparate I wrap them in a towel but still only managed to get a few done.
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Thank you all for the responses.

Golden: Do you have any pointers? I've asked the vet and they have suggested getting one other person to hold the cat or wrapping it up in a towel. My cat seems to be too smart for its own good, it lets me hold on to it's paws for however long I want when I'm just checking the claws, but the second it sees the clippers in my hand she knows what's coming and starts squirming. lol. Though when I have gotten her claws trimmed at the vet she sits there for them...granted they have the tech hold her and the vet cuts the claws, but it just seems odd that she gets so squirmy whenever I try.

Also how firm is too firm? Because I don't want to hurt her, but even when just gently holding her she starts meowing like she is being crushed...and if you don't hold firm enough she is small enough that she can wiggle out of grasp.


PS: I have also tried giving her a treat immediately after actually cutting a nail but that doesn't seem to help...might be because she was 3/4ths asleep when the claw was actually cut? lol.
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Sounds like you are too "soft" for her. You have to be more in charge. She's figured out that if she squirms or meows too much, you will stop and let her go.

When I get those types of cats, I just firmly hold them and the paw and more/less tell them "ohhh cut it out and SIT STILL NOW" - they just get these big eyes and shut up and sit still....I don't know if I really have any techniques or just have "a way" with them, but haven't had a cat that I could not cut nails.

I've had to trim 2 hard to handle cats: one was my sister's cat she used to own - had to almost sit on him (he was a 14-15 lbs cat) and keep him still enough to trim nails. The other was a turkish angora I owned - he HATED nail trimming with a passion and I had him as a kitten. Took me 2 days to do all his nails.
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Thanks for the advice Golden, I have started to notice that when I do tell her to sit still and be quiet that she does so even if it is just for a few seconds. The only problem is the last time I did that after a few commands like that she started huffing at me like a snake will do when they are getting ready to strike/cornered....wasn't the typical cat hunch back hair standing on end mouth wide open hiss like you see in the old school Halloween movies....was more of a dull softer hiss....may have been making the noise when she realized squirming and meowing weren't going to work this time, but I wasn't quite sure what to make of that sound.

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Every cat I've ever seen will behave far better for an outsider than for her owner. If you have a friend with a cat, maybe you could do her kitty and she could do yours!

Surroundings also seem to affect behavior -- an unfamiliar place seems to work best...
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You may be right - they have no idea WHO you are and it kinda gets them off guard for a few mins.....
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