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I think I know what happened to Cindy's pic of Opie. These places change the address of your pics every so often, so images aren't permanently linked to their site. I know that happened to some pics of Nakita at one time, so I bet that's what happened there too.
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ImageStation so far is free. Let's see how long that lasts for!! Another option is this site Photogra

Also, everyone should check with their local internet provider since they usually provide you with some website space as part of your internet package. As an example, mine provides 5MB of space.

The red x usually results because of 3 things. First, the site does not allow remote linking. Second, the site is under construction and therefore temporarily unavailable. Third, an incorrect path to your picture. Make sure, when you are viewing the pic you want linked, to right click on the picture itself and then copy the address that shows under the properties option.

Still if your having problems, PM me and I'll see what I can do.
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I got the "red X" too.

I turned off the e-mail notification too. Hope this works, I love this site!

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Heidi! Thanks for answering me here! But I am now very skeptical of posting pics here linked from imagemagician...if they change the address of your pic that often (I mean, Cindy just posted it here yesterday and already it is a red X to me and also to Gizmoe, and I am sure many others,) then what is the point????????? (of me posting my pics through there, that is) I could see trent just fine....and he is BEAUTIFUL by the way!!!! But....I don't understand why some of us see red x's and others don't from this site. I don't want to take the time to learn to post from imagemagician and start a thread with my pics and then have them all turn to red x's in a matter of days...I might as well just not even do it.
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Debby -

The way it was explained to me, the addresses are automatically changed to break links every few days. (I know someone who works for Tripod) This allows pictures to be shown for a short time. Sometimes the addresses are even cycled back to the original again so the pictures will reappear. It has to do with bandwidth and keeping people from permanently linking their pics to these free sites.

AOL members already have free, reliable website space to post pictures on (Keyword:Publish 123) and most local servers will either provide some website space to their customers for free or will sell you some at a very good rate. I recommend you check with your server and get some space that is all your own if possible. It's much more dependable.
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Thanks for the info! I really mean that! I wanted someone to tell me the truth about this site and you just did. There is no point in me even trying to link my pics, or whatever, if they are going to vanish in a few days. I will just wait until maybe things get straightened out here and I can attach pics again.
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Originally posted by Debby
There is no point in me even trying to link my pics, or whatever, if they are going to vanish in a few days.
I'm really sorry to hear this, you don't post many pictures and I was really looking forward to seeing these. BTW Debby, you're not the only one who is frustrated because of this problem, and worried that the board might crash. This is only my opinion but...the traffic on this board has been increasing for a long time. This problem should have been foreseen and steps should have been taken to avoid it some time ago. Again, this is only my opinion.
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Debby, I don't think that Imagestation changes their paths all that often. Kass's pics of Nakita stay up and on top of the board for quite a while and they still appear. Her pic of Gargoyle Nakita in her sig is a link to Imagestation. I know that one of her treads, the pics did disappear, but that was after a month or so. If nothing else, keep an eye on Trent and see if he disappears to the dreaded red x.

Kassandra: Do you know if Photogra allows remote linking? I'm wondering because I have a "How to Post Pics" at the top of the New Cats forum and want to give as many free options for everyone to post their pics as possible.
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I'm not sure if you two are even talking the same place? Debby seems to be referring to ImageMagician, and everyone else is talking about ImageStation. and my tripod site's links have never changed, not sure how they could.
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Marcy, I think that most of the photo hosting sites (where you are supposed to order prints from) do change the links/addresses from time to time, including both ImageStation and ImageMagician. I guess the trick is to find one that doesn't do it very often. Your pics on your Tripod site wouldn't change, because that is your personal site.
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Noticing some people are still attaching images, so thought I would do the *bump*

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I have noticed the same thing. However, at least two of the people who are still attaching pictures have posted on this thread and they are aware of the current problems.

FYI: I just wanted to add that since I have been a member here this site has crashed twice, and I don't want to see that happen again, especially if it won't be possible to fix it this time. The two previous times the site crashed were terrible, the times and dates were off, if you tried to start a thread it would just disappear into the forum. We could still post messages to each other a little, but the responses would go to the top of the thread instead of going to the bottom like they normally do.
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I noticed the attachments, too. I went through and removed about
15-20 attachments I made. It really stinks losing that many posts, but it's better than losing the whole forum.
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I think we are all talking about the same attachments. I checked out the size of these attachments and they are both 400 x 400 pixels.
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I've got all my pics on RELM, so I will link any pics from there. I've never had a problem with them before.
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Sorry guys, I didn't realize imagemagician did that so often... it's never happened to me before but I've only been using it for a couple of weeks.

I have a question about my PMs. I tried going in to delete them, there was 15. When I clicked "Since the beginning", only 7 came up. It's still telling me at the bottom of the main forum index that I have 8 PMs, but they won't show up when I try to delete them. If the mods have access to that, could you please delete them for me? If not, could you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks,
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Jenn, be sure to check in the "Sent Items" and Message Tracking. The PMs that you send are also stored for you, and the Message Tracking can really clog thing up.
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D'oh! Thanks for that. I didn't realize the sent ones were saved... lol.
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