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Originally posted by Lorie D.
I was just wondering if it would help if the pictures that are stored here were thumbnails? That way they would take up less space and wouldn't it cost less to store them too?
Hi Lorie,
For pics that are stored on TCS computers, anything that reduces the kilobyte file size, will reduce the burden on the server. (It wouldn't matter for linked files though.) So yes, if you mean thumbnails being the smaller pic vs the original large pic, that would definitely be a smaller file and lessen the burden.

For those of you that have image editing software like Photoshop you can reduce the file size of images by clicking on "Save File for Web" and choose a medium jpeg rather than high or highest jpeg setting.
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Debby, I signed up for imagemagician, too. They have a an easy-to-understand tutorial. I got pix loaded, on the first try. Now, I need to learn how to use IMG tags.
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Cindy that question I can answer. Go to the photo you want to show and highlight the address. Hit your control button and your c button, then release (this puts the address into the computer's memory)

Go to your post and after you type in whatever you wish to say click on the IMG button. The http: will be highlighted, click your delete key. Then place your cursor right at the beginning of the box and hit your control button and v button on your keyboard. The address will show up- hit okay, then preview the post to see if it worked.
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In addition to what Hissy just mentioned, make sure you are copying the address of the picture, and not the address that is located in your address bar.

As an example, if you are using Imagestation to keep your photos your pictures will have two addresses. One that is in the address bar at the top of your browser when you are viewing the pic, and the second address will show if you right click on the pic you are viewing. Once you right click on it, go to properties and then you can view the correct linking address to use at The Cat Site.

Just wanted to mention this since I was very frustrated when I started linking. It never worked because I just used the address that showed in the address box at the top of your browser.

Heidi fortunately showed me the correct way!Thank you Heidi for saving me from possible insanity!!!!

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I'll work on removing previously posted pics of the kids - especially the "dedicated" threads. They've already been seen by those who wanted to see!

I think BuNN's suggestion to turn the default on e-mail notification to "off" will probably help as well. I already turned mine off as I hated having my inbox flooded with e-mails all the time - since I come to the site so much anyway!

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Thanks to everyone, the error messages are no longer occurring and I do not have anymore complaints coming in. Thanks for all you have done, looks like we are back in business once again!
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That is good to hear!!!
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Im going to see if this works.[IMG]v[/IMG]
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Shoot. Hissy, I followed your instructions to the letter. I wonder what went wrong?
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One more try.
Yay!!! I did it!!
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Thats a cute picture!

Yay you did it!
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You can also create online photo albums at www.care2.com. You only get 240 images, but that's a lot of pictures. They also have places to click to save wildlife and habitat, a lot like theanimalrescuesite.com.
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Anyone who is on AOL has free picture space under Keyword "Publish 123" where you can post your pictures and link them to this site for free. You can put your pictures easily into their templates and don't worry if the topic doesn't match your picture. Just feed the picture address to this board. Also, many local servers provide you with free website space where pictures can be posted and linked. If you don't know for sure, ask your company's tech support. You may have website space that you don't even know about!!

I think it would be very reasonable to make all pictures "link to" pictures on a site this big.

I like this board already. You all seem to work together so well and I don't see any nasty posts like I've seen other places.

Viva The Cat Site!!
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What a sweet kitty! Love that face! Glad you could figure out my instructions.
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I caught Opie, just after he'd been into the 'nip. He gets really mellow and laid-back.
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TNCatFancier--Love the picture you used as your signature! We do work pretty well together here. For many of us, it's a home away from home because all the members are so great. Not to mention our fabulous leader, Anne, and the wonderful Mod Squad.
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I read, I'm writting, I'm going, and I'm trying, sorry bout the pics.
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No problem the new members just need to see this and be aware.
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If people could refrain from attaching pictures for now that would be so great! With Anne unavailable if this site crashes, it crashes and that would be a shame.
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I don't even want to think about this site crashing!!!
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If it comes to it, I would be willing to pitch in money to help save the site! I don't think I could stay sane at work without being able to drop by. I won't post any vacation pics, except maybe the ones of the cats I befriended.
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I was just wondering if it is really necessary to keep all these old lounge threads (which probably still contain large numbers of pictures) archieved? Would it be possible to delete them and just write up a summury(sp?) explaining the beginnings of TCS and how it's grown? The threads in the cat related forums contain a lot of valuable information and should still be kept archieved.

Please Hissy, don't let this site crash!!!!!!
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That's a good idea Lorie! I only hope that can be done...
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Actually, text does not take up much Bandwidth space at all. Graphics though, take up a very large amount.

So erasing older threads would not really free up the space needed if the site was going to crash. That's why many chat sites (Yahoo, AOL) do not allow you to post pics during conversations since the bandwidth being used would be unbelievable. The only solution is through Remote Linking.
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Right and we have a wonderful opportunity to change to another server that can handle all this traffic etc. But Anne does not want to take that project on right now.

The complaints and error messages have stopped coming in, so for right now, if we can just hold off attaching files/photos to the posts that would be good.

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I signed up with imagemagician, for a two-week free trial. After that, its $9.99/year. I think I'm going with that. Its easy to use and I haven't had any trouble. For a computer dummy, like me - the easier, the better.
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if anyone wants to sign up with yahoo/geocities or tripod,or other free sites or needs help linking images, let me know. There are ways to get around sites that don't allow linked images
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Originally posted by katl8e
One more try.
Yay!!! I did it!!
HUGE question here...I too have signed on with image magician and am sitting, literally with my hands underneath me on posting a whole bunch of pics here...I very rarely post pics, but now I have a bunch of new ones I so badly want to share....so why is it, that even though I am registered with imagemagician as well, all I see in Cindy's post is a red X?????????????????? But yet when I went to quote her post...I see the full link she posted....but still in the post itself, I see no pic!!!! Is this going to happen to my pics too if I post them through imagemagician??? Does anyone besides me see a red X in Cindy's posts??????????????? It can't be my computer...there has to be some reason!

Oh and also..I missed the part where it was free for just a few weeks then you had to pay....I have no problem with paying 10 dollars a year for it, that is very cheap...but where does it say it, and where do I send the money?

Sorry, I am just frustrated, and I do not want to see this site crash, but I also want to share my pics....I wish we did not have this problem!!
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Debby, I think ImageStation is free, totally free. (Kassandra, please correct me if I'm wrong!) I just uploaded a pic to my account there and didn't see anything about a fee.

OK, here's my test pic....If this works this is my favorite pic in the whole world of Trent (as you can tell from my avatar ). He has his little tongue sticking out, and it's just a cute pic of him when he was a baby.

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