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Would EVERYONE please surf in here and read this?

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Recently we have experienced a huge increase of traffic on these forums. And although that is wonderful news as more people find us, it also presents us with a problem.

Right now, we are on a free server. The board has recently been giving members fits. Some members who have been here forever are now back to awaiting email notification, internal server errors are popping up, and other error messages are being noticed and reported. The board is very close to possibly crashing.

In an attempt to stop this, last night I removed several threads that were not cat related, or life related. They were quite long and so I thought that in removing them, I would take some of the burden off the board and stop the Internal Server errors some members were getting. I was wrong in my assumptions (I am not technical when it comes to computers)

What I found out this morning is what causes problems for the board are the photos that are being posted as attachments on the threads. Attachments are stored in the TCS files and take up space and cost money to store.

So what I am asking members to do is to not attach photos that are not cat related to your cats on your threads from here on in? Attachments are when you post pictures using the "attach file" feature.

You can post as many pictures as you like using the IMG tag above your post.

This brings up another sticky problem regarding the Valentine's Day thread- once these card start going up- then this is also going to put a drain on the system and cost money. Could someone come up with a viable alternative? Perhaps someone with some time on their hand could receive all these valentines via email and do a website with them and then post the link? I don't know? What I do know is this forum is very important and I would hate to see it crash and go away.

We can go to a dedicated server at the cost of $200.00 a month- which means we would have to ask our members to pay for membership, and really, who has the money to do that?

As much as I know how all of you who post love it here, I am sure knowing that you had to pay $5.00-$10.00 a month to come here, might dampen your enthusiasm. I know it would mine.

This is not meant to be directed to anyone personally, this is a new problem that has just arised and I was trying to figure out a way around this problem and this seemed to be the first step to help ease the pressure of this board's traffic.

Those of you who got PM's from me last night about your removed threads I offer my apologies, I thought I was doing the right thing, but text does not cost us anything to put here, it is the pictures, and the graphics that are draining the system and costing Anne more money a month. I will be returning the threads to the board as soon as this goes up. I hope I did not hurt anyone's feelings, I was simply trying to avert a problem coming down the pike.

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Guess this is a day for announcements......
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I understand Hissy, it is a very good point and thank you for letting us know so we know what not to do. Thanks!
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Hi Hissy

When I first joined TCS I was really surprised that photos as attachments were allowed because other bulletin board systems I have used only allow photos or graphics that are linked (which, as you said, doesn't put a burden on the TCS server).

I'd hate for TCS to become a burden on Anne or anyone. Maybe you could have a linked images only policy? Even for cat related things? There are a lot of places where people can get free web space (or many isp's provide an allotted amount of web space with each email account).

It may take awhile to learn how to link a pic (vs attaching) but I'm sure we'd all want to do it to keep TCS healthy.
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I hope we can get this problem sorted out soon! I just got a digital camera and some photos of the baby, but I don't want to cause any problems right now! Anne has enough on her hands without worrying about this place!
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When I first joined, there were about 50 members and 4 mods- now look at us!

The option you speak of Maui is a good one but it would need to be set-up by Anne and right now she has a lot on her plate (see the other announcement concerning her) So for now, can we just all make a concentrated effort to not post pictures that are not using the IMG tag, and if you have old posts that have attachments, would you maybe go back and remove those, as only you know if you used the attachment feature or not? Thanks again!
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Another thing that may be causing problems is the e-mail notifaction option. Everytime you post a new thread or reply to a thread it sends you an e-mail if someone replies after you.

The E-mail notifaction is turned 'ON' as default and I rarely notice it. I suspect a few others don't notice it too. Now how about setting it's default setting to 'OFF' so then if you want to be notified you have to say so instead of it doing it automatic.

All the e-mails going out every hour must take up ALOT of bandwidth surely.
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I just deleted some of my attached pictures, sorry if I deleted anyone's posts because of deleting the whole thread in a few cases as mine was the first post. I also turned off the email notification. I've been getting lots of emails each day, hopefully that will help.
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Thanks to all of you who are helping with these suggestions. I really do not know much about this end of things, all I know is I love coming here and interacting with all of you and would hate to have this board crash especially if we could have done something to prevent it from happening beforehand.
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If someone will tell me HOW to link pictures, I will be more than happy to do it. I'm always up for learning something new. It just has to be simple step-by-step instructions, as I am not too well versed, in this computer stuff. Things that most people find easy are a complete mystery to me. Thanks, to anyone, for your help!
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I deleted some of my posts also - I just need to know of any free websites for me to attach my pictures so that I can use the img thingy, and that would be great. I didnt know about the email notification using a lot of bandwidth. I will turn off email notification.
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I think I got all my pictures off,I did not take all the theads off.
I will not post any more.I will just read everyone else;s theads.
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Well this site is free for 30 days then you have to pay- but the price is not out of the world. I do not know of any free photo sites on the Net anymore. Most of the ones who use to be free, now cost- Those of you helping with this problem- THANKS!

Picture Trail
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imagemagician.com is a good free site that allows you to upload your photos and link them. I find it really easy to use.
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I signed up for imagemagician!

Thanks for the tip!
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I know that ImageStation also allows remote viewing, as that is what Kassandra uses. That's what I'll be using from now on.
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Originally posted by sherral46
I think I got all my pictures off,I did not take all the theads off.
I will not post any more.I will just read everyone else;s theads.
I hope you did not mean that you will not write any more! The text costs nothing, so please continue writing! It is only the attached photos that are a problem.
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yahoo/geocities and tripod offer free webspace, and it is possible to link to their site, though it's a roundabout way.

Just use [] instead of () around the img tags. Also works with other picture formats
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Please check your PM's I may be able to solve this problem so that we can attach as many photos as we need
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Done and responded to you. Right now the same rules apply. It is up to Anne to have the final say and right now she is a bit pre-occupied- but thank you for your kind offer and I will pass it on when I can.
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please check again, sorry to post this here
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oh no, I will not stop writing,just posting pictures.Except maybe the new kitties ,when I get some.
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I think imagestation.com and ofoto.com still allow free storage of photos. but of those two, only imagestation.com allows you to link to the photos from other sites.

I certainly wouldn't want this site to crash, hopefully if everyone makes an effort we can avert the crisis for now!
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I just realized - are signatures adding to the problem? Like how I have the photo below? I will remove it right away if so. . . let me know.
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I doubt that signatures would be a problem, as they are linked images... I hope not at least!

And just about any image can be linked to, by using the http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/ in front of the actual image address. Even if the site does not normally allow linking, such as tripod and geocities
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Cant figure out how to post pics so you're safe! LOL! I hope everything works out! I don't want to loose this site! It's my life!
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at least the basic option is, and they allow remote posting of the photos, which a lot of places no longer do. You have to read up on what to use as the link for a photo, since it is a little different,
but it is free.

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If any of you use MSN, there is RELM. http://groups.msn.com/RELM

If you look down the left hand side, there is "pictures" and you can upload pictures from your computer to there. You'll see my photo album there called "My Pics" 'This is my family'. I think it's the third or fourth album down from the top.

Also, on the forum page, where all the threads are located, there are many many many pages at the bottom you can go through. Perhaps saving all those unused threads are partly to blame and perhaps we should only have the latest few pages available to view. It's a thought...:tounge2:

I have deleted all the pics I could find so far. I can't find the ones I posted of my painted cd's. If anyone finds those, please delete them for me? thanks!
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I was just wondering if it would help if the pictures that are stored here were thumbnails? That way they would take up less space and wouldn't it cost less to store them too?
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Sockiesmom....I just went and signed up for image magician so I may have to ask you how to use it. I have never linked images from a website, but I know how to use the IMG tags, just not how to post my pictures on the website. But I will learn, I am sure! I have so many new pics I want to share!! As always, my timing is really bad!
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