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Can you use Nemex -2 to deworm cats?

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I recently ordered Nemex 2 online for my animals. I was under the impression that Nemex is commonly (and what my own vet... ) used to deworm both cats and dogs - however the directions on the bottle says for dogs only. Is nemex 2 a dog only dewormer or is it also safe for cats? Anyone know??
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Here is a link that says it can be used for cats but to get advice on the dosage from your veterinarian.

Apparently the chemical in Nemex used for deworming (Pyrantel Pamoate) is not approved for use in cats, but is used anyhow by people. Here is another link that discusses use in cats:

So, the answer seems to be Nemex is not intended for cats or approved for use in cats, but people do use it successfully; and you need to make sure to get the proper dose information for a cat if you decide to use it.
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I cannot stress strongly enough about using non-prescription medication for our animals. Over-the-counter/on-line medications are often ineffective and sometimes downright dangerous. None of us should be diagnosing our animals ourselves unless we hold a valid veterinarian's license.

Some folks administer de-worming medication to their animals without even knowing what type of worm they are dealing with, i.e., tapeworm, roundworm, heartworm. This is dangerous.

Please, I urge everyone to please see their vet (or at least call and talk to them) before administering anything to your pet. It may well be a matter of life or death and I'm not exaggerating.
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