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I am really sorry

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But I could not resist putting up another pic of our Ambi Bambi in her laid back mode last night. I dont think there was nothing of intrest on the tv so she just had a little cat nap.
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how cute! she looks sooo comfy!
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Don't be sorry! She's adorable!
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There is nothing to be sorry about here! Especially when it comes to adorable photos of your fuzzy!

You can post as many pictures as you can take of Ambi! She is a beauty & deserves to be shown to the world! Can't wait to see more of Ambi!
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looks like she's got the best seat in the house!
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lol oh goodness, she is so cute! I love that crazy floppy position she's found, it's hilarious!
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LOL what a position, she is beautiful.
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What a cutie! She looks very comfy.
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I just love those kitty on the back poses - even if they are slightly risque!
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that is one very comfy kitty
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