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Mucus in poo?

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I have noticed that someone in the house ( kitty species,lol) is having mucus in the poo. i cant isolate the one kitty. i did bring the sample to the vet, and they said there wasent anything wrong they could find. They said it might be the food? But if its that, i dont know whats causing the color. Food is Avoderm hairball with a mix of GoodLife Slamon flavor, cause that is the ONLY dry they will eat without bringin it back up, or sticking their nose up totally. I tried doing the wet food totally, but all that got me was REALLY full litterboxes on a daily basis, and stinky poo and farts.

the color of the mucus was orange/yellowish. its not all the time either, just once in a while. All kitties have been worm and flea treated. we did have a flea infest a week, so could it be that?? i know the lil buggers are gone, cause i havent seen one since, though i STILL havent figured out how they got them, being indoor kittes

I have an IDEA it could be my Dugan. he is almost IDENTICAL to a mackrel bengal, can post pics if i can get him to sit for more then 3 seconds,lol. He seems to have runny poo alot, its never fully formed. But according to the vet, hes as healthy as a horse. Hes 7 months old. here is a pic of him sleeping.
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COuld simpley be the food coloring from goodlife .... you likely should try simple wets ( one or two meats with one grain
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Duncan is ADORABLE and maybe the food is the cause; I've found mucus in the stool of my eldest from time to time, but it's "regular mucus-colored" (I can't believe I said that lol!) and he is healthy as can be, for 18 that is! Sharky's a fountain of good info, so you might consider trying her advice! Good luck to you, Duncan, and ALL your felines!
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That is a beautiful cat!

I read somewhere that a sign of overfeeding kittens is yellow poo but at 7 mos your kitty sounds older than that.
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