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Possible UTI - going around?? (little lengthy)

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I haven't started any new threads in a while b/c I've been able to find everything I need in other threads...but I need to calm myself and help kill 2 hours. So here goes...

Last night I cleaned the litter box and noticed a little pink tinge in one of the pee deposits. Uh-oh. So I cleaned all 3 boxes..only that one had pink. And I watched them like a hawk until each made a deposit.

Kink - no pink.
Pico - no pink.
Merlynn - no pink, but very little. I think I found the culprit.

So I kept her with me all night in my room with her own box and water. Kink and Pico stayed in the living/dining/kitchen area.

In the morning, Merlynn's box had two very small urine clumps. I made the vet appointment for 430p today. Unfortunately I work in a small office with only one other AE and she had a meeting this morning in West Palm Beach - about 1.5 hours away - and if both of us are not the office the boss completely flips out. So hopefully my coworker will be back by 3p so I can leave, but if she's not I'll have to make up a story about a family emergency..too bad.

Well, before I left the house, I watched Kink go to the box, squat and leave. I looked in the box and there was nothing there. Oh boy! So I called the vet to make sure I could take both Kink and Merlynn. That should be exciting seeing as Merlynn really dislikes Kink.

I have also noticed him meowing before he gets to the box and a little while trying to make a hole for his duties. Once he starts, no more meowing, good poo or pee and he buries it and leaves. So it's not while he's doing it...but I'm taking him anyway.
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Yeah, I think you found your culprit with the one who is crying before heading for the box. That is very wise of you to head this one off at the pass. I hope your kitties are ok.
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Actually, Mr. Cry Baby has "better looking pee" than the doctor (according to the doctor). They took a urine sample from Kink and he said everything looked fine. His bladder felt fine. He did say that little Miss Merlynn was probably stressed about Kink and was causing herself to get cystitis. He could not get a urine sample from her and he said her bladder wall felt thickened.

He sent us home with a liquid that you pump into the food - salmon oil basically - of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. And asked if I wanted him to prescribe some anti-anxiety pills for Merlynn. I said that would be great...but to make sure they are mild b/c she's Miss Sensitive. He prescribed Reconcile. 1/2 tab per day.

I bought a pack of Pill Pocket treats from Pet Supermarket and thank goodness she liked them....that was too easy! So we'll see how it goes.

I did leave Kink in a separate room today so Merlynn could relax and last night she slept with me again. I left Kink with Pico outside the room. Poor baby. Hopefully things will be ok.

Thanks for listening!
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