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I'll never forget my first date. I took my gf to see a band called Into Eternity. Her cousin is the guitarist for the band but she had never been to a concert. Actually, if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be the cat lover I am today. http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...49#post1678649 is the link to a post I made a while ago if you want to read more about that.
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I had my first date when I was nearly 15. We mostly went out to the movies, or a walk at the park.

We got along really well, got to know eachother better, got closer over the years.
During the summer, after graduation, I moved into his apartment.

We are still together of course, engaged and very, very happy.
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Hmmm...does this count?

When I was around 10 or 11 I asked a boy I liked to go to a fair with me.

The first date that was actually considered a date I was around 14....me and one of my friends went to the movies with 2 brothers. The oldest was her date and he worked at the theater so he got us in for cheap. It was horrible. The only movie he could get us into was a cartoon...I can't remember the name of it but it was about chickens. We ended up leaving early.
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I went out with my best friend's older brother on my 16th b-day. We went to a drive in burger place, and he did his best to get me drunk and take advantage of me. It did not work, but he was very good natured about it, and we had fun hanging out with the local gearheads, just like we usually would. He came in for some birthday cake when he took me home, and my mom had gotten in to the wine and valium and was decorating the Christmas tree. She turned around to greet us and fell into the tree, knocking it down and breaking most of it. I was horribly embarrassed. We never went out on another date, but remained friends. He was a really nice guy.
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My first date, mmm, his name was Mitch, my best friends brother, he was 3 yrs older,
I was actually 15. A very mature 15, that is! ha ha I really wasn't suppose to date until
I was 16, but being the baby, and my parents were being very social at that time themselves, just made it abit easier on me than my sisters had it!
They knew Mitch, so they trusted him! We went to the movie "Halloween" it was so funny because when the first scary part came, he got up and said, "I'm not watching
this" and walked up to the foyer! I watched then got up and checked on him, it
was so cute, he really couldn't stand scary movies, but I want to go see it, so...
he went and stood in the foyer the whole movie!
He works here at a Paper Mill! He has got to be one of the funniest people I know, as a matter of fact, he married this great girl, who is pretty and his equal, both are hilarious!
I cut the whole families hair. Mitch, his wife, his daughter and his son! I consider them very good friends of mine! I love them all !!!
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I can't remember my first date; must've been really great, huh?

I'll relate the story of how I met DH. We met on an online personals. I was a Civil War reenactor, and only ever seemed to meet guys in the hobby, and was tired of it. I wanted to meet someone who did NOT reenact, but otherwise had the same interests. Problem was, due to the CW stuff, I never had time to socialize otherwise! Someone suggested the online dating service. I tried various ones; met some decent guys (and I was VERY selective and careful), but none clicked. Oh, forgot to mention: I had just gotten over a tumultuous, abusive love affair, 2 years worth, with another CW guy, who wanted to marry me, and whom I loved very much. Anyway, I was going to give up on the online stuff after a year or so, when DH emailed me. We had so much in common, like HISTORICAL REENACTING! He had once been in the same CW group as me, then left the CW stuff; went on to 2 other time periods; and I nearly joined those groups; but he had already moved on. I also found out he had delivered to a local store I frequented, and may have been there at the time. With a previous person, he had traveled past my street in order to hook up with her (he lived over 2 hours away). It's almost like God said, "OK, you two, I've had enough! Get together already!"

Even better: I had once been on with that dating service; discontinued it, but was never charged for the 2 months when I signed back up (and met DH)! He's the best bargain I've ever gotten!

Our 1st date was 6/23/03; he said he knew on the 1st date that he'd marry me; when he asked me to visit him and his parents July 4th weekend, he told me his Dad said, "Son, if you don't marry that girl, I will!" He kept dropping those hints throughout July, even taking me to try on engagement rings. I played dumb (admittedly an easy feat for me). On 9/28/03, we went out to dinner; I'm diabetic, and hadn't eaten all day, and my blood sugar was getting low (that also makes you grouchy). Every restaurant had a 1-2 hour wait, so I testily suggested just getting pizza. We did, and I apologized for my grouchiness. He said, "That's ok. I wouldn't be thinking of asking you to marry me, if it wasn't." I said, "Oh, I didn't know we were getting married, that's news to me." "Well, I'd ask you in a heartbeat, if I thought you'd say 'Yes"". "Well, you'll never know, if you don't ask." "Will you marry me?" "YES!!!!" Another coincidence: this pizza place has a 1/2 wall, topped with stained glass pictures of Italian cities. The one right above our heads said, "Roma", but we were sitting on the opposite side, so it read, "Amor". That's Latin for "Love". We just had our 3rd wedding anniversary on 10/2/07.
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