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Your first date

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I know there have been other "first date" threads, but thought it might be fun to start another.

Was just at lunch and my boss was talking about how her daughter, who's 16, is begging to be allowed to go on her first date. She's gone out on group dates, but that's it. My boss said her husband is being pretty strict and she told him they're lucky their daughter has been willing to wait until now.

So, how old were you on your first date? Where did you go and what did you do? Have you stayed in touch with the person you dated. What's he/she doing now?

My folks were pretty strict, so I wasn't allowed to date until I was a junior in high school. My first date was with a college guy (he was a freshman, who rented an apartment from my dad, along with some of his buddies. I remember being really nervous and the poor guy really had to work to get me to talk. We went out to eat at a local pizza place, then to see a movie-"Savannah Smiles." We had a good time, but didn't go out again. I later heard he got married young and ended up having five kids. Our lives sure took different paths.

Anybody else have memories of their first date?
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Oh my, I can't possibly remember that! I never went on a real date until 2 weeks ago!

I had boyfriends..but never a date where he picks me up and stuff Well until the few weeks ago..

Needless to say the one I did have did not go that well
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My first date was when I was about 14. My mom (and my date's mom) drove us to the movie theater. We saw "Here on Earth" and I was trying not to cry towards the end of the movie because i didn't want to mess up my makeup (my mom put a little pinch of her's on me and i thought i was soooo grown up)

I remember being soo shy and nervous! I think he was too! 1/2 way through the movie he did the whole "Act like i'm yawning and stretching then grab her hand real quick before she figures me out!" So we held hands How cute! It was soo innocent it was adorable! He was a really good guy- we still keep in touch. His name was Chris. We "broke up" a few months after our first date because he was moving to Texas. He's really grown up to be a sweet guy though! He's studying to be a physical therapist now.
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I was 15 and we went to a bad kung fu movie. His name was Matt, and I haven't talked to him in a long time.

Wow... this is bringing back memories...
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My first date was with John. Growing up, my mother was very strict, so my first date was when I was 18 years old (2 months away from 19). I'm not sure which would qualify as our first "date" though. We were introduced online by my friend who is also his cousin. John and I talked online for about 5 days. My friend told me that he and John and another friend of my friend's were going to see a movie (Corpse Bride), and they invited me to come. So that was when John and I first met and I guess that could be considered a "date".

But it was that next Saturday that he came to my house and picked me up. We went to Wal-Mart , to eat, to his office to pick up something and then went to my friend's house. Then we went back to my house and we watched movies till 2 AM.
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oh my, what memories My first date was with Jim, it was on December 17th, 1994, and I was 16. I remember everything I was wearing, a burgundy sweater and jeans, and I even remember the earrings I had on Jim was my first boyfriend and we dated for 2 years almost exactly. We even got engaged before he left for the army, but then I went to college and decided that I wasn't ready to settle down..... I believe to this day that Jim was "the one" and breaking up with him was the stupidest thing I ever did
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I probably didn't really go on a date (one on one) till 18. First I didn't care about guys in that way, and second, we more/less always when out to things as a group of friends.

I was working part time at a telephone sales place (newspaper) and this really cute guy was working there too - he was a year younger. I was shy and not about to ask him out but hoping he would ask me.

He and his friend apparently made a bet that I would not go out with him if he asked. So he did (I think we went to a movie or something) and I said "sure". We dated awhile. He asked me to his junior prom and I told him I'd go, but only if he took me to my senior prom (which he did).

We went out for about a year and then he went back to school and didn't think it was fair to not see me as much. So we mutually broke up. Last I heard (and that was YEARS ago) he apparently moved to California - not sure where he is today.

But I'm very happily married, so it doesn't matter. Just hope he found the right person to make him happy too
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I'm not even sure if the time I went out to dinner & a pool hall with a guy in NC was considered a date or not (though he was pestering me about dating him for awhile... I said I wanted to hold off until I went on my first date with Rob - which was the Friday after this guy started pestering me). I turned down a lot of people who'd asked me out from the time I was 14-15 until 17.

So I guess I'll consider Rob my first date instead. I actually considered it a date, so there. I was 17 (two weeks before my 18th birthday), and I took him to Hardee's that afternoon for lunch, because all he had was a credit card (and he drove 3 hours to meet me in person after 3 months of talking on the internet!). That night we planned on going to a cruise-in with all the old classic cars in the historic part of Kannapolis, NC - where I lived at the time. My brother came with us, so he got taken out to dinner by Rob at China Buffet also I kissed on the first date I was actually the one to make the first move, and I also asked him to be my bf. (He told me later he was so nervous I wouldn't want to be with him, that he wasn't going to ask me to be his gf yet for fear I'd say no!)

2 years 8 months later we are still together, and planning our wedding for 4 months from now. I definitely stay in touch with him! Maybe too much! I think I call him from work everyday at least once too, even though we've lived together for over 2 years now. (Mainly it is to let him know I will be early/late/info on something. I'm not psycho-chick!)

I'm extremely glad I didn't just go for that first guy that had asked me out earlier that week in 2005. He turned down the path of alcoholism and insane driving everywhere he went. Apparently he found someone a week or two after I told him no (he came over to my house the day Rob left to go back to SC and got upset that I "picked" Rob over him, though I already had told him that would most likely happen anyway... I just -knew- when I met Rob). Last I talked to the guy, him & his gf were still together. But I havent talked to him since late 05/early 06.
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I don't recall my "first date." I don't even know how old I was, probably 17 or 18 though because I didn't start getting interested in boys until then. As for who it was with? TBH I don't even remember.
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I was 15 and it was with my ex husband. We went to the mall and then the movies. I was so nervous but he was acting all cool like he totally knew what he was doing. Till he took me home and tried to kiss me before I got out of his car and I didnt realize what he was doing and ended up with a nose graze thing and he got all confused and flustered. It was so cute. Every time I think about it it makes me smile to this day.
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I was 16. I don't remember much else .Sad isn't it! LOL
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My parents were strict. I finally got to go out with Randy right before my 16th Birthday, but only with another couple and a stop watch on my Mothers wrist We went to Burger King

My family did not like him and said he was a thug Hes a very successful, handsome builder in my area now.

Jim actually sees him more than I do, but I do see him and talk to him every once in a while.
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One month short of my sixteenth birthday, he called and asked my parents for permission, as I was not to go on "car date" until I was sixteen. His name was Mike, he was a year older than me. We went to the movie carwash, then back to his parents to play pool. I dated him briefly after I divorced my first husband, he was really to much of a drinker. I moved out of state so not sure he is even alive. I still remember what he was wearing, but I can't remember what I was wearing, isn't that kinda weird?? Great now I have that song stuck in my head "working at the car wash"
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I was in 6th grade and this guy I guess had the biggest crush on me. Well one day I lost one of my rings down the storm drain and I guess he and his dad went after school with fishing poles and he fished it out for me So I went with him to the local Renaissances Festival. But he ended up being like weird so I broke his heart. To this day he won't talk to me and this was in elementary school
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My first date was when I was 17. I am married to the man whom I had that first date with. I did not have a problem waiting so long.
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My first date we went to a movie and then had pizza. My second date we had pizza and then a movie. Or was it the other way around?

I could date when I was sixteen. It got better after that!

My first date was with an older guy and I don't even remember his name. The second guy was even less memorable.
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I think I was 17 and he was 15. I liked to rob the cradle in high school

I don't remember much about the first date. Only that my BF at the time made me a gigantic card that said "Congratulations Jenney! You're a Woman now!" in celebration of my first boyfriend.

My overly religiously Catholic mother found the card and I began to get questioned hard about the being a woman stuff.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
oh my, what memories My first date was with Jim, it was on December 17th, 1994, and I was 16. I remember everything I was wearing, a burgundy sweater and jeans, and I even remember the earrings I had on Jim was my first boyfriend and we dated for 2 years almost exactly. We even got engaged before he left for the army, but then I went to college and decided that I wasn't ready to settle down..... I believe to this day that Jim was "the one" and breaking up with him was the stupidest thing I ever did
WOW.. You remember the exact date?

Mine was with Jerry. I was 14 he was 15.
We met in cuz we went to junior high together. He was in a couple of my classes.
Him and his brother were new students so I was trying to be nice and introduced myself.
Anyways, our first date was Halloween! And so was my first kiss

He was my first love!
He's now a professional wrestler in W.VA
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I was 15 and totally shocked, that my parents allowed me to go out with Jim. He was 22 and we'd gone to the same church, since I was 8.

Jim took me to a stock car race, at the local dirt track and held my hand, all through the races. On the way home, we had to wait at a railroad crossing and he kissed me.

Nine months later, I married him (dummy me). It lasted three years and we had one son. Since our son is grown, I haven't had any contact with him, in many years and don't want any.
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My first date was Nov. 2002 We went to a place with my now ex-stepdad and a friend and played pool and ate, and then we decided to go see a movie afterwards. We went to see 8 Crazy Nights. I was 15 and he was 16. And he is still my boyfriend to this day We have been dating for almost 5 years and I love him bunches
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I don't date I'm the farthest thing away from a 'typical' teenager.
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Of all the girls who attended Charlotte's 15th birthday party, I was the one her older brother Mike noticed from his boy-lair down the hall. A few days later, he asked Charlotte to arrange for me to go to a movie with him.

He picked me up at 5:30 on Saturday afternoon in an electric-blue Dodge Charger. After the parental send-off, we pulled away from the curb and Mike said, "So whaddaya wanna do?"

This was 1971, and I was a very nice, naive, terminally shy little girl. I had grown up with the understanding that the gentleman proposes the agenda for the date and handles the logistics. Evidently, Mike had already advanced into the era of women's liberation; he had no plan in mind.

I said, "Well, you mentioned a movie -- that sounds nice." So he drove us to the one and only movie theater in town. Along the way, I was so unnerved by Mike's placid silence that I actually mustered up a couple of attempts at conversation myself, but to no avail. Barely a word was exchanged between us on the trip.

At the theater, our choice was between Puppet On A String and Straw Dogs.

"Which one do you wanna see?" asked my escort. Checking the showtimes, I saw that Straw Dogs didn't start for two solid hours; Puppet started a precious twenty minutes sooner.

"Let's see Puppet On A String," I said brightly. And then we sat in the car, averaging about two sentences every ten minutes, until the box office opened.

It was a brutally violent movie about the drug trade in Amsterdam, as I recall, absolutely unconducive to post-cinematic discussion, and indeed, no such discussion occurred. As we walked out of the theater, Mike said, "You wanna get something to eat?" The very thought gave me a headache.

"I'm afraid I'm getting a headache," I said, so he drove me back to my house and pulled up to the curb. My mom had reminded me earlier to wait and let him come around and open the car door for me, so I sat primly for a few seconds -- but Mike didn't even put the car into park.

"Bye," he said. I climbed out, scurried up the sidewalk, and didn't go on another date for two years.
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I always hated the word "date" because it just made me a nervous wreck! I always just hung up with people, and would sometimes clicked with someone and suddenly we were dating, but that first date thing?

I guess my first real "date" was a blind date that was a disaster!! I was 16, and one of my best friends set up a blind date with her boyfriend's best friend. His name was Chip (NOT the Chip that is my husband now, but I think that is ironic! ) She came over 2 hours before they were supposed to pick us up at my house, with half of her wardrobe for me to wear. Yes, she was a great friend, but she completely freaked me out! I still remember she decided I was going to wear a mint green shaker sweaters (those of you from the 80's remember what they were) with a green and white turtle neck under it. We went to the football game, and I think I said all of 4 words all night! He did kiss me good night and said "I'll call you". You can imagine the rest.

But, he was pretty cute!
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Errr, i am guy and dont remember those types things,

that is my story and i am sticking to it
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I remember who my first date was with, but I don't remember exactly how old I was. I was either 16 or 17 and I had such a crush on him. I actualy joined 4H so that I could hit on him . I dated him for a couple of years afterwards and then I broke up with him. He is a vet and married with a baby now.
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My first 'real' date is kind of an interesting story. It was with my best friend's high school boyfriend. He is name was Matt and he was a total sweetheart and such a gentleman! (Not to mention cute!...he is also an identical twin. That made for fun!) My Mother adored him. Still does kind of.

It was the summer after my first year in college. He'd just gotten home from basic training and tech school for the national guard. We went to eat and then saw Rush Hour 2. Then he brought me here, to what is now my house, to hang out with our friends, including my now husband!

We were more like good friends or brother/sister, never romantic. We did almost go out again, but plans fell through for some reason. Maybe it was his history with my best friend, because he's always been a great guy, or just the fact that he wasn't meant for me.

Well it ended up that Matt saw my interest in DH and gosh he got more excited about it than anyone I think. He was one of the first people to say that DH was the guy for me. He really pushed for us to get together too.

He's also the guy that back in HS when he and my best friend were dating paid for dinner for our other best friend and I while we were in the rest room. It was the night of our Senior Homecoming dance and we didn't have dates but went in a big group of people and just sat split up in small groups at the restaurant. He said it was our senior homecoming and we should be having fun, not worrying about paying for our meals. What kind of teenage guy does that???

I ran into him back in April. He's engaged, out of the guard, and completing a degree in engineering. (He's super smart besides all that other good stuff! His fiancée got a good one!)
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I am 20 & have never been on a date.
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Oh my gosh my first date was in the stage coach days First guy I ever dated was the one I married we were married for 32 years he passed away 12 years ago. I have no idea where all these years went kinda
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Oh my gosh my first date was in the stage coach days First guy I ever dated was the one I married we were married for 32 years he passed away 12 years ago. I have no idea where all these years went kinda
Oh that's so sweet Lois! DH was my first and only boyfriend, and I was his one and only girlfriend too. I like that about our relationship.
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I was 16 and went to a concert with my ex BF.
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