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What to do about dandruff..

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My foster cat (DLH) has bad dandruff. I have had her for just over 3 weeks now. She is eating a mix of California Natural chicken & rice and Evo dry.

She will not eat wet food (I've tried dozens). The most I've been able to get her to do is lick a little bit of tuna juice, but only a few drops and she won't eat it at all.

Bathing her is out of the question. She was abused in the past and is still very skittish. She wont' tolerate being picked up at all, let alone bathed.

Is there a pill form supplement or something that might help?

*note - She was at the vet saturday and received a Depo steroid shot for allergies because she was scratching fur off her head and neck. The vet said its possible it was due to stress, but gave her the shot just in case it is allergies. Its possible the dandruff will clear up once her allergies do, but if not, I'd like to be able to give her something that might help. Her fur is softer now that she is on the good dry food, but she still has a lot of dandruff, especiall near the base of her tail.
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Is she overweight? Some cats get dandruff in the area you mentioned because they can't groom themselves. If that isn't the problem perhaps a supplement with omega-3 fatty acids would help.
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She may be slightly overweight, but not a lot. She weighs 12 pounds but she is a big solid cat, and the vet didnt say anything about her being fat.
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Time to try one of the following///

salmon oil / sardine / tuna/ anchovie

olive oil


not my fave
flaxseed oil
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I will try some of the salmon oil. Hopefully she will drink it. I don't want to put it on her food because she only nibbles her food and doesn't eat a lot at one sitting. She is so very picky
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