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Abby & Callie Intro Update

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Well, I did it this morning! I opened the screen door and out Callie came. Callie "Miss Priss" walked right out like..."Alright, my new place, lets go and check it out " and she did, not afraid, not cautious, just helped herself. Sniffed, rubbed, played, walked, ran, jumped and had a blast!
Abby's (remember has never even seen another cat) reaction was..."It looks like me, runs like me, it plays like me (well, not as much as me), but what is it? " Abby was so courious. He followed Callie, but trying not to be noticed. Finally after about 30 minutes, Callie happen to notice Abby. They touched noses and Abby just stood there, frozen. Callie didn't act aggressive, but seem to be like she was prepared if Abby tried to make a bad move and then Callie went on with her investigation. A little while later Callie and Abby touched noses again and this time Abby layed on the floor on her side (not on her back) layed with her whole body, even head on the floor like "I surrender" and Callie just stood there for a second and ran off to do more investigating. But Abby watched every move Callie made with couriousity. Callie even helped herself to Abby's food and water. (going to have to watch the food bowls, different foods) and Abby just watched. Callie seemed to be getting tired from all the excitment, so I put her back into her room.

me still so happy!!

What do you think of this first real encounter?

Should I let Callie go for good and move food and litterbox out of the spare bedroom or keep these couple of hours meetings going for another day or two?
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I would do a few more meetings, if you are home during the day I would let the new kitty out, but be sure to watch her and make sure she isn't running around taking all your cat's toys along with her food bowl, litter box, water -more important watch that she is not growling if your kitty wants to move in on that stuff.

I would put her back in her own room at night time and make sure to cuddle with your baby when she is not there. Or, vice versa, give your cat its own time during the day and do cuddling, and let new kitty out at night when cats tend to play more.

But definitely give your cat some alone time with you while new cat is shut up, during these few days. Just these little things where your cat knows it is the main one.

And then when you are ready to leave new kitty out all the time, keep making sure you find the alone time with your kitty and give them lots of praise and petting and tell them how they are number one.
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Your introduction steps couldn't have been done better! The love and respect was completely acknowledged by both and you probably have an inseparable pair now! Maybe a couple more observed meets before complete trust, they may feel the same way. However, they may cry for each other when separated again, but this would be a good sign
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