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Question of the Day - October 3rd

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I haven't seen Katie yet today, so I will fill in again.

What was the scent of the last candle that you lit?
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blackberry sage
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"Ocan breeze" or something like that, I don't really remember. It was green though! LOL
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I'm here I promise to start it tomorrow

I think my last one was a jasmine one
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I've had two going lately, "Autumn Leaves" and "Pumpkin Butter".
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Last night I burned my pumpkin spice candles!
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I had two going last night:

Cookies n' Cream
Lilac Petals
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It was a pet odor one LOL it was some melon scent
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Cherry Vanilla. I love the smell but it makes you kind of hungry.
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A coconut smelling candle.
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apple pie scent, uuummm
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Peach Berry I think. I've got a 'craving' to go get a Yankee Harvest one. Might just do that while I'm out today.
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I think...
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Mine was a Muscadine scent!!
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McIntosh from Yankee Candle & Clean Linen from WalMart My 2 favs!
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I don't know what its called, but its actually a tart instead of a candle. Its Mediterranean something or other from Yankee Candle--its a line that came out this past summer.

It smells like Fall to me.

But I need to go to Yankee Candle and get some more.
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Autumn Wreath....mmmmm!
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Applewood - Wood Wick! My FAVORITE! Only i burnt it all down so now i need to buy another one
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I dont use candles they make me have a runny nose.
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Autumn leaves
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vanilla I think.
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I don't light them because Trout is TOO curious
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An odor eliminator candle. I lit it because I read that it can help eliminate the tear factor when slicing onions. Either it worked or I was dicing a wussy onion.

Typically I don't burn candles because I am sensitive to most scents.
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I guess it was a while back..but I lit some candles for a romantic 2-person bath
I think they were vanilla
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Mulled Cider from Wal-Mart!!
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hmm im thinking apple cinnamon or gingerbread something

Although I cant burn candles often because well the kits ecs storm are very curious
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Vanilla, it was our candles at our wedding.
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I can't remember because it was about 7 years ago. Cleo tried to set herself on fire with it, so I quit burning candles forever that day.
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berries and pears from Jans sister. It smells so good!
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White chocolate/cherry roses
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