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Rosie, Sophie and Jack *Part 2*

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Posting new pictures twice in one week!

Let's get ready to rummbbblllle

Could this be Jack taking a fancy to the catnip mats that aunty Helen sent the girls last christmas?

Woah, this stuff smells great!!

Waaaaaah, he's got my mat!!!

Leave me alone to sulk in peace!
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Sharing mum's ice cream. Yes, i know where their tongues have been

I threw a cotton ball in after i took my makeup off, and Jack tried to retrieve it!

And that's what Rosie thinks of it all!
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Too cute! I'd be happy if you posted me pics everyday! I never get tired of seeing them.
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Adorable pictures!!
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Post away...I can't get enough of your babies...LOVE the one of you and Jack sharing the ice cream AWWWWW The wrestling pics are hilarious Rosie was using the kick to the face move in that first pic
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I love this face.

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Jack looking in the fascinating toilet is a classic Susan.
Ahhhh...your kids love ice cream.

Dexter and Sadie still have their daily rumble.
Welcome to the World of Kitty Wrestling.
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Awww, I love the new pictures!

The one of Jack in the toilet is hillarious!
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lol lol love the ready to rumble pics, and does gil know about the ice cream thing,, hmmm.
and poor rosie losing her mat to that rude boy kitty...

as for the bathroom pic, hehe maybe its a boy kitty thing

hmm whats down that hole.....
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I think Mr. Jack is going to be the boss real quick Susan Rosie has more personality then any cat I have ever seen, I can't wait to see what goes on as he gets bigger, Sophie must be pretty layed back, Those pictures are just to good.
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I got my money on Rosie to win that fight

I usually only eat popsicles so my kitties don't get ice cream treats like that, although if I do go to Dairy Queen I let whoever's closest lick the lid
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Gosh I love Rosie!!!!
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There's nothing like a kitten to bring out the tiger in adult cats.
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What great pics! I love the scary face LOL
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Great pics Susan Rosie is having so much fun with her little brother
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Susan, your pictures always make me smile!!! We have a Boogie Mat, too--is that what they call them in England?
Keep those pics coming!
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Originally Posted by menasmom View Post
We have a Boogie Mat, too--is that what they call them in England?
To be honest i've never seen them here?. They were sent over from the USA for christmas by Helen (Bella713)
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Rosie always makes the best faces!! I can see that Jack is really spicing things up around your house!
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Those new pics are hilarious! Usually we see pics of them snuggled up together, or grooming each's nice to know they have their less-than-perfect moments too!
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