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Daily Thread 03/10/07

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Morning All

I am up and about very early this morning it is just a 7:15 here, I mention this fact because I am not an early morning person in the least and am feeling just a little sorry for myself. I have to open the office this morning due to a very severe bout of flu that my normal opener has. Oh well it's just one of the perks of my job..I expect to be all over it shortly

Looks like it is going to be another nice day. Have a very nice sun rise coming up out my living room window.

The kitties are wide awake and tearing around the house. This is usually Linus's time to tear around anyways and he is happy I am up to watch him.
He has found a bottle cap that he is carrying around with him. It is quite cute because he is carrying it by the edge and it's covering his nose. He looks like he has a little white plastic clown nose...

Everyone have a good day.
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Morning! I couldn't sleep past 7am so here I am awake with you. Very strange that I couldn't sleep considering that I usually work nights and sleep 'til sometime in the afternoon, but, eh, not this morning. Oh well, the kitties are happy that I am awake. My landlord, however, will not be happy that I am awake early since I called them yesterday about my water leak and they couldn't be bothered to fix it then so I will be calling and yelling today.
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My colds going thankfully. It's a cold day here in the uk today, and were expecting rain here in the north.

Half my day is over now though, so only a few hours to go before i get home to the kids
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Back to work today yippee skippy got caught up at work already, hows how much I do around here am still not feeling 100% so I don't think I'll be going to school this evening
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The sun has make an appearance today!!
My grass seed that I planted a week ago is coming up nicely with much additional watering.
Made a brief stop at a clients house this morning then did some grocery shopping. Bad news is that I spent $100!!! I spent that much last week! But part of its due to Neil have a "men only" this weekend and I had to buy supplies.
Have to find Grizzly soon as her and Bobs have their vet check in little over an hour.
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