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An Early Start to the Daily Thread for Thurs. May 10

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I have never started a DAILY THREAD and hope it is okay if I do so. It is now 8 mins. after midnight here in MO. That means that it is 1:08 a.m. Cat Site time. I should be in bed, but I have been doing a lot of things on the net today (yesterday) and I am till wound up over some good news I had for MeowMan and some research I was able to do for Anne concerning a way for us to raise some funds for the Site. I will probably turn in soon and resume my fun later this morning. I have some painting I need to finish also.(not the kind Deb25 is doing with the house, but rather some artwork I need to complete by Sat.) It looks like it will be unseasonably warm again today. I wish you all the best of Thursdays. Catch up to you later
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Well, it's 9:30 AM over here so Thurdsay is definitely here!

I really look forward to this weekend - hubby's been working late hours this week so we didn't get to see each other as much as we want to.

It's actually raining hard outside which is just wonderful! I love rain, especially like this when it's not too cold and just washes the dust off the leaves.

I finally got my new computer working!!!

It's great to be working on a fast one again and with the large screen too! At least they didn't steal that! So I'm sitting happily in my office room with Bambi our dog curled up on her blanket next to me (her tummy full of tasty food - chicken gravy on her dry food! ) and we're both enjoying the smell of the rain... waiting for the computer to finish moving the files from the other computer over here so I can start working.

TLK - Thank you again for helping me! I hope this works out!
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My only appointment today is with a reading group at the local branch of our library. Then, it's off to the store to buy cartridges for my ink-jet printer. Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

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Mr.Cat, you have a busier day than me. I will go to work, do my thing & come home. that will be all i do today, drive to and from work.

and then plant my butt in front of the TV for the pathetic survivor special that they are throwing us.

I only have 2 more weekends with my guy before he leaves for 2-3 months

You know what's funny Donna? he will be only 45 minutes away from NYC & we will probably meet there a few weekends while he is gone.

everyone have a great day
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This week flew by. I am glad it is almost the weekend

The weather is wonderfully warm. I wish it to stay around a while. But I am sure rain is headed our way. Actually on my birthday

I hope everyone has a terrific Thursday
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I wish I could say I was at home!! Today is dragging more than usual. I would rather be home getting the cleaning out of the way!! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I think I am going to leave early today so I only have about 1.5 hours left!!
You know AP youguys could always come to visit CT one weekend. Donna, Rene, Michele and I are all here.
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Well my hubby will be home this weekend! I am so Excited! He will be in some time tomorrow! Well I will be on a field trip with my son tomorrow and with my hubby this weekend so I dont think I will be on much until Monday! I hope every one has a great weekend!
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Well, after being unable to fall asleep until after sunrise this morning, I finally slept for about 6 hrs and am up now and about to start calling/faxing every production house in town and try and drum up some work.

The kids are doing great. Socrates is in a playful mood wanting to knock things off of shelves and Tiger wants to mess with Socrates's efforts.

After sulking for a few days I am feeling in better control now. Someone else said it when they said "Life/God will never give us more than we can handle" and I feel that this is true as well. It may be a bit of a struggle, but I am a survivor and will climb, kick and scream my way back on top. Not to mention TLK's news was cerainly an attention getting motivator. Hey, TLK...that could stand for Tender Loving Kare too? LOL.

I hope everyone's day is going well. I'll be back later tonight to post.
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Swalker; HAPPY early BIRTHDAY to you!

Oh, yeah, and a little something from Airprincess. . .:jarswim:

[Edited by threeleggedkat on 05-10-2001 at 01:13 PM]
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It is a BEAUTIFUL day indeed!! And what better luck to have my nausea subsided!! Yes baby feels very good today too. (Although I just ate a hotdog!)

I just wanted to say what A GORGEOUS cat that Meeko is on the homepage today!! WOW!!! HE really took my breath away.. all sleek and sexy looking!

All the cats that I've seen here have been SOOOOO cute! Especially those little fur-less ones!!

Talk to you guys later.
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Thank you for the early birthday wishes TLK! I don't know why but I still act like a little kid when it comes to birthdays. I still count them down from weeks away
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*sound of pitch pipe*

"Happy birthday, mew mew;
Happy birthday, mew mew.

"Happy birthday, dear Swalker!
Happy birthday, mew mew!"

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Agreed, agreed about the cat today! Wow, what a beautiful creature.

Re the pregnancy, have you tried dry crackers when you feel sick?

I've heard it works although I never experienced any morning sickness with my own pregnancy. It couldn't hurt!
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Hi everybody!!

My day was the same routine as it has been for the past 2 weeks: work all day, house all evening.

I am really starting to fall behind on things at work. I feel a stress attack coming on! Just goes to prove that teaching isn't really a 7:30-3:00 job. I haven't brought anything home or stayed late since I began the house project, and things are piling up!!!

Wish I also had time to post more. I come home jst before I collapse into bed and quickly scan the posts to keep up on what's going on.

For those of you going through rough times, my thoughts are with all of you, despite my lack of actual responses.

For those of you celebrating, I am smiling with you.

Hopefully this will be over soon, and life can get back to semi-normal.

Love all you guys!
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