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If you could send up a thought or two for Sherry...

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Sherry was my brother's first wife, and we all adored her. They divorced amicably almost twenty years ago, and though we've only seen her a few times, Sherry remains beloved in our family. She and my ex-significant-other, Rush, are both still living in Austin, and they're good friends, too.

Sherry has had such a difficult life. Back in the '90s, she developed cancer and went through surgery... had a recurrence, surgery again... and then about four years ago, her third recurrence, and for the first time, the doctor prescribed chemotherapy after her surgery. We now know that this should have been done the first two times, as well. Sherry is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, and she remained heartbreakingly so even when she lost her hair... and every picture from that time shows her just beaming, in spite of everything.

Inevitably, she was changed by her illness. She had been working in cosmetics, but after her experience with breast cancer, she became a tattoo artist specializing solely in recreating the natural coloring for women who've had reconstructive surgery following mastectomy.

About that time, she married a very fine local artist, and they started a gallery near Austin for his paintings and her mosaics, which include both art pieces and garden items. They've been gloriously happy together.

But now she has cancer again. It is just wrong, just evil, that this wonderful, gifted, loving woman should be gradually destroyed like this! She deserves so much better than to live in fear and pain and the knowledge that she will probably die young. It's wrong and inexplicable and I will never, never forgive the cowardly, pandering politicians who have stood in the way of stem cell research and caused even a single day's delay in finding a cure.

I know it would help if you could send a good wish for Sherry to beat this monster once and for all... or at least for another few years. She's only 46... she deserves so much more.
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Aww hun i know, sometimes it happens to the best of people, and we don't know why *hugs* lots of to Sherry in hopes that she can beat this disease again.
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Many good thoughts, prayers and vibes for Sherry.
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How awful I wish they would find a cure for this horrible disease once and for all

Mega heading over for Sherry
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Oh, that's awful! We will certainly keep her surrounded by vibes and compassion.
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i hope that everything goes well for her
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Many good thoughts and prayers for Sherry
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Good thoughts and good vibes for Sherry!
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Adding my thoughts and prayers to the others for Sherry.
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lots of vibes for Sherry to make it through
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I know exactly how you feel. It always happens to the people who don't deserve such cruelty and makes life so unfair. It can be very stressful and depressing all at the same time.
Sending many, many, many that this beautiful friend of yours can pull through again.
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Sending prayers that Sherry continues to have the strength and courage to fight her terrrible disease.
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Oh thats just awful! I am so sorry to hear this, her family must be crushed...

I've lost two amazing people in my life due to cancer. I'm praying for her and her family. So many people can live long fulfilling lives after bouts with cancer. I am sure she will be one of these people! Many well wishes to her. I'm sending good vibes and prayers to Sherry!

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Prayers going out to her.
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She and her husband are in my thoughts and prayers!
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I can not imagine what your friend is going through right now. My heart goes out to her. I am sending tons of (stay strong and beat this cancer's butt vibes!) her way!!!
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Many prayers and for Sherry's full recovery.
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Oh, thats just horrible!!!

Many prayers and vibes for Sherry!!
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That is such a sad, sad, story. Why does it seem like all the truly good people have to suffer in one way or another? It just isn't fair...

I'll be praying for y'all, and sending good vibes.

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Sending good thoughts for Sherry.
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That's not fair. Why is it always people like that that always have horrible stuff happen to them?

Major vibes for Sherry.

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