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Tabby Color?

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone could identify the color of my kitten. Her markings are not the ususal black on grey -- more of a grey on grey on cream. Would she be considered a dilute? ___________ tabby and white.
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She's a Blue tabby & white, though being a kitten, she may eventually loose her stripes and just be a blue bicolor.

That's some great eyeliner she's got there though.
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Blue mackeral tabby and white
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The "cream" color is called "patina" on a blue - its not a true cream but more of a beige underlaying color.

She is very pretty. I had a blue mctabby/white cat that had that "cream" color too and thought he was a bluecream male. Found out when I showed him about the true color.

BLUE TABBY (classic, mackerel): ground color, including lips and chin, pale bluish ivory. Markings a very deep blue affording a good contrast with ground color. Warm fawn overtones or patina over the whole. Nose leather: old rose. Paw pads: rose. Eye color: brilliant gold.
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I don't know what you'd call it... but I just wanted to add that... that is the most ADORABLE KITTEN I've ever SEEN!
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I LOVE the white eyeliner.
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Your kitten is darling! I also have a blue mack tabby w/ white who has cream. We call it warm undertones. If you scroll down to Ilona, you can see her. Notice the creamy look on her front legs and face.
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Its not true cream on the blue tabbies. Its the undercoat of beige/patina
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Thanks for the nice comments and information. She also has a bobtail (her 2 siblings did as well). I've seen a bit about Japanese bobtails and American bobtails.. and was wondering about the difference between them.
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A world of difference in the two breeds:

Here's some info:

Japanese Bobtail:

American Bobtail:
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