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Ace is hurt!

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Well I just went into the kitchen and Ace and William jumped down from their outside kitty pad to ask me for food.

Ace is holding her back leg up and the paw looks pretty swollen.

I fed them each a little handful of crunchies and got a better look at it. There doesn't appear to be any wound or bleeding but she is definitely not walking on it.

Now she knows I've seen it and she got her snack so she has left the patio and gone to a hiding spot.

I made an appointment for the vet tomorrow and will get the trap out, and no more food tonight.

We have had more raccoons and critters foraging for food lately since the weather is starting to turn, so I hope she is ok and will be ok until I get her to the vet.

She is such a little monkey, I am wondering if she hurt it jumping down from a tree or somewhere like that. She is just a nutbag. I hope she will be ok!

Has anyone ever had a feral with a back leg injury? Send vibes that it is not serious! I want little Ace to be ok and I really don't want a big vet bill right now .
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That Ace's injury is nothing serious and that you can successfully trap her tonight.
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Many good vibes to you and Ace!
So sorry to hear about his paw....I hope it's just a little sprain and nothing serious. Treating ferals can be hard!
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Oh no Barb!!!

The only feral leg injury that I've had was with a 3 month old kitten and I simply moved him inside the house while he mended (where he stayed btw). I hope there is nothing serious and am sending you vibes that it is something easy to treat.

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I am hoping it is a blessing in disguise and Ace will mend inside; and then both her and William will be indoor kitties. I am expecting at the least she will need to heal inside. She is not walking on that leg in the slightest and it has to be hurting her to hold it up like that.
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Well, so far all those vibes seem to have worked! I got up this morning and she is not holding her leg up anymore and it seems fine!

I really hope she is ok. At the very least it is a heads up that I have to figure out whether to bring her and William in this winter and get my butt in gear.
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Originally Posted by BarbB View Post
Well, so far all those vibes seem to have worked! I got up this morning and she is not holding her leg up anymore and it seems fine!
That's great news!
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I hope that she continues to heal - and that you can get them to love being indoor kitties!
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So far, so good. She has slept on the patio table on her kitty bed all day, so I hope she is healing and resting on purpose. She did not even seem to be favoring the other legs this morning, so maybe it was just a scare or she pulled or banged it. I am going to continue watching it.
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That is good news!! YEAH Ace!!

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Glad to read that Ace is going to be okay! Thank you for the update!
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