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the kittens have finally arrived!!!!

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so, skeeter finally had her kittens!!! 2 gray ones with very light tabby markings, and 2 black ones with white paws, and one has a white marking on his/her face just like mom. the first 2 (the big grey one and big black one with white on face) were born on october 1st, right before midnight, and the other 2 were boen on the 2nd lol.the first kitten came out breech, but everything is fine now. and skeeter hasnt bit anyone since, and thats saying something!my mom says that we cant keep any, but i really want the big fatty gray one (i have a soft spot for big fat cats) so you never no lol.

so her some pics of the little angels:

here is skeeter just minutes before having her first kitten.


the first came out breech

the first 2 babys

curling up with her first 2

about to have her third while the others are trying to nurse

skeeter being a cutie with one more to go

skeeter cuddling with her first born

kitty pile

another cuddle shot

my favorite one loves to have his/her picture taken <3

thats all for now, but im going to get more for sure!!
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They're adorable and Skeeter is a beautiful girl.
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awwww they are beautiful well done to mom the grey one have lovley markings bet you are proud!
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How precious. That was a pretty cool shot with the kitten sticking it's paw out.
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COOL PICTURES! and they are beautiful kittens. how many did she have?
congrats! on the new family members
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Aww glad things turned out well. I'd make all of their birthdays on October 2 instead of splitting

And the stripes on the blue (grey) one will probably fade as he gets older. A lot of kittens are born with some ghost striping
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Awww! Congratulations!!
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They are ADORABLE!
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Originally Posted by Lore View Post
They are ADORABLE!
I love little kitties
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awwww they are so0o0o0o cute!!!!
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Congrats on the new babies! Thanks for sharing pics!
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sooo cute, congrats!
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They are adorable!

Anyone else notice the time on the camera? Why do they always have to be born in the middle of the night, LOL?
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They are beautiful! Congrats!
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Oh what little dolls!!!
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Congrats! I wish I could witness a live birth! It must be so heartwarming to see nature take its course. Must be also very humbling as well. Happy to know the kitties are doing fine.
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Awesome pictures, congrats on the new babies!!
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heres an update on the kittens. they are way bigger and more active, but their eyes are not open yet. im worried about the bigger gray one because he makes weird noises when he breathes and never sleepes with the others. sometimes it also looks like hes heaving. when i get my first paycheck ill take him to the vet because my mom says he will be okay, but i dont no. here are some pics:

three of them in a big huddle while mom is sleeping above them

they big gray one off by himself as usual. i put a heating pad in there so hes still warm.

i had to put them in a rubbermaid because the gray one kept crawling away across my room, and thats why i think hes sick, because he got the chills or something

the one that looks most like mom. shes the only girl, the rest are boys. shes going to my friend when shes old enough. im trying to find homes for them where i can see them whenever i want lol.

the one that im worried about. hes my favorite, i want to keep him sooo bad, but not sure if mom will let me lol

the other gray one. hes the runt, but hes no that much smaller that the others.

all of them

the other black one with the white chin

and the beautiful mama =]
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I would try & get the big guy checked out, but I will also tell you that when Elsa had her kittens there was one that was ALWAYS getting away. Even right after she was born. I named her right away...Dora the Explorer!
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