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UTI saga

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5 weeks, 2 different antibiotics, bloodwork and x-rays and finally a clean bill of health for my new family member.
Thanks to everyone here for the advice and support over these weeks, it made things a lot easier, and probably made things go faster!
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I've recently been going through bouts of UTI with my cat, Mitties. I thought, she made it to 4 years old without one so she probably doesn't have that problem. WRONG! Bam, out of nowhere, she get one, then two, then three! She takes her last pills tonight for the third one. The vet thinks it's because she's so darn fat that she can't clean herself properly, and recommended urinary acidifiers to help acidify the urine so bacteria would not like to be in there. I just hope it goes away and STAYS away.

Glad your kitty is finally "clean." Good luck and hopefully it doesn't come back.
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SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT (and to Tickytat, hope Mitties benefits from the urinary acidifiers and even though I personally think she's cuter than "that", perhaps she might drop a teensy bit of weight and that will do her some good...)
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Just a FYI for the anitibiotic done with club ... time to add PROBIOTICs in so the good bacteria gets restored
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Yippee!! I've been there, done that and I know how good it feels to have a kitty proclaimed healthy!
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