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Good and bad birthday, so far

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So I spent the weekend in Reno with my best friend and her family... due to stress and exhaustion and their dry climate, i got sick... ugh. So, I'm home today, on my birthday, to rest...

The good news? when I got home yesterday I waded through my email and then got my snail mail. a letter arrived in the snail mail informing me that I'm up for testing with Multnomah County for a job. All i can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME! I applied for this post a few months back, but anyone who's ever tried to apply for a job with Multnomah County, here in Oregon, knows they take forever. But I'm happy now...

I slept in to catch up on some of the rest I lost over the weekend... got up and checked more email...

So, here's the bad part of the day so far

Someone visited my profile on a school reunion website to let me know they visited... okay, fine. so I logged in to check who it was... didn't recognize the name, but that's okay... my high school wasn't exactly tiny. They I looked at the name of the person who visited last week (didn't bother to check it back then because i didn't feel like it.)

I shouldn't have checked today either. I'd be in a better mood. It was one of my ex boyfriends (from adulthood). Not to go into all the details, but he was abusive during the brief relationship, and then stalked and harassed me for months afterward. a few years went by and he tracked me down online once, sent me an email and said if he didn't hear back from me, he'd never contact me again... I obviously didn't say a word... I hate the b*****d. A couple years after that, he got me online again. I found out through a mutual acquaintance (they do avoid him, but since they still live in the area, they run into him every so often) that I'd been talking to him online.... no wonder the guy i'd been chatting with didn't tell me his name. I blocked him and checked my AOL info. a few years after that i dropped AOL altogether and haven't looked back since. For the most part, my online identity has been fine... I don't use my last name for anything. Except when I want to be found by old high school classmates... here, I falter. He certainly could have just anonymously looked at my profile page... but no, he HAD to let me know he found it. Now, he knows I live in Portland.

So, of course, this has pulled every black cloud in existence to hover over me. On my birthday.

Must find a way to relax and get said ex out of my mind... of course, short of having him killed. I'm not a violent person... although a bus would do nicely. grrrrrr.

And people wonder why i don't date...

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Well hopefully you are feeling better...

At least your birthday wasn't totally bad, nevermind that Ex-Bf of yours, hes obviously no good! Can't let him get to ya, especially on your birthday! Just be thankful that you aren't with him anymore

You should try dating! There are good guys out there still Just got to find them...

Happy Birthday Again! Good Luck with the job too!
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