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Living in Florida (more specifically...Orlando, where there's no ocean to bring the chill in) I probably won't switch to heat until closer to December. It's really not cold here for long.

I can't tell you how much I wish I lived by the beach again though. I grew up in Ormond Beach with the ocean a bike ride away and I can't stand being stuck in the middle of the state. I swear, once Matt and I are both out of this master's program and ready to buy a house...we are OUT of Orlando and BACK to the beach!!!!
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We still got the AC going! We'll turn it on when it gets too cold for Angel, the short haired kitty, or for hubby. Whichever comes first.
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Heat!?? Are you crazy??

It has been getting rather chilly here in evenings but no way is the heat coming on!!
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Oh not yet here..it was 23 degrees today!
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Last week it got down into the mid 30's, so I turned the heat on that night. The next day or two it got up into the low 80's, so the air came back on. Usually the air is on until the end of October, but every now and then I'll turn the heat on if it gets cold enough at night.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
No heater here for AWHILE! Its still in the 70s here- but maybe when it gets down into the 20s well turn it on
You Minnesotan's simply have thick blood! 20's????

It's been down in the 40's here overnight but we still refuse to turn on the furnace. I guess when it gets consistently cold we'll do so, probably later this month.
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the one in the truck yes several times
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I've had it on (well the heatpump is set) but if it's warm enough it doesn't kick on.

2 nights ago I set the temp higher so it would kick on as there was a little storm coming through and cooled things off pretty good.

But other than that I keep it set to about 70 - Same that I have it set in the summer for the AC to kick on.
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I am fighting against turning the heater on. I'm still paying for high electric from air conditioning! So I shut the windows early and hope it stays warm enough over night. I'm hoping to put it off as LONG as I can!
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We turned our heating vent on about mid sept. over here on the pacific northwest. Granted, it's just on for about 15 minutes a day. But with the high for the next two weeks not exceeding 60, hey, what can I say?
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i play a game with myself in the fall to see how long I can wait before flicking the thermostat. but two days of rain and I was using the wood stove in the living room or my fingers would have been numb, abi enjoys the fire too.
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Nope! Widows open still here too. I always feel the place is stuffy. We live on the top floor in our building, in the middle,and don't have to turn our heat on very high when we do as it is.
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Oh, well, Miss Nanook of the North, I suppose you think it's funny to taunt me like that! It's still so hot here that I have to carry a little battery-operated fan just to reduce my chance of having a heat stroke; so hellishly humid I have to struggle for every breath; so godawful sweltering wretched that I actually pluck ice cubes out of my glass in restaurants and drop 'em down my cleavage for a little relief!

"Have you turned on your heater yet?" Oh, aren't we just hilarious?

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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Oh, well, Miss Nanook of the North...
I'm serious! We're sitting here with wool blankets over our laps. Sounds like you need some chips and hot sauce and a couple of margaritas to beat the heat.
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We still have the window AC going. If it gets a little chilly we just turn it off for a bit.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
I'm serious! We're sitting here with wool blankets over our laps.
Oh, that sounds so goooood... I should've been born an Esquimeaux...
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My furnace won't be turned on, until around the end of October or early November and that will only be for bit, in the evenings.

Our daytime highs are still in the high 80s to low 90s and overnights are in the mid-70s (F).
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With high's in the 80's and lows in the 50's and 60's, no need for heat here yet. There's been a few times that I've been tempted to use the AC again, but ceiling fan's have been doing the trick since the humidity hasn't been as bad as during the summer.
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I've been turning my heating on now for the past couple of weeks to take the chill off, but i'll be setting it to come on twice a day by the end of october when it's colder.
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It's still in the 90s-no heat yet.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post

At the office, they keep putting the AC on all day, despite the fact that it is only in the 60s outside. So here I sit with my hood on, with freezing air blasting down my back and my space heater blasting away at my feet!

SO stupid.
I just had to laugh when I read this! It reminds me of my former bosslady, who always had the A/C blowing full-blast -- even in the middle of winter, when the temps were minus 50 below windchill factor! (this was in Wisconsin - the frozen tundra!). I'd be sitting there freezing my butt off, all bundled up in my thermal underwear, sweatshirt, & sweater, and I'd still be cold! I had two of those little heaters blowing full-blast under my desk, and I could still feel the chill in the air. I was so happy when she got her own office upstairs, and I could finally keep warm!

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Heater? We actually turned the AC on for a bit tonight cause it was hot when I got home from work.

Our apartment faces the west, so that afternoon sun shines in.

But it has been in the 80's here. Hard to believe just a month ago it was in the 100's
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Heat oh heavens no it was 90 here today I am still trying to get over the Air conditioner bills They liked to killed me
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No, It doesn't get cold here until January.
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I've still been using my A/C or opening the windows! It's gone into the 40's but I just put extra blankets on the bed.
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I was just thinking of a story my folks tell: when they were first married in 1943, they lived for awhile in a boarding house. The old lady who owned the house had a rule that roomers must never touch the thermostat -- but being elderly, she kept the place so overheated that my parents couldn't stand it. They tried opening the windows, but the old lady banned that as well, on grounds of security.

One night, after several sleepless hours of tossing around in sweat-damp sheets in the middle of winter, my father could take no more. But he was a man of his word, and he had promised not to touch that thermostat! What could he do?

With Mom standing lookout, my father tiptoed down the hall with a match, struck it, and simply held it near the thermostat until the furnace turned off.
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It has been in the mid 80's here all week, so definitely no heater yet! I am ready for some cooler weather though, I hate summer.
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I woke up and it was FREEZING in my apartment. Even the Kitten moved to my pillow, because he must have been cold. It's weird how Fall just hit us this morning. Unfortunately, I think the university has control over the heating (I live in a campus townhouse), while we can only adjust the air conditioning.

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Originally Posted by lnbandcats View Post
Although it has been chilly here at night and during the day, I still have the central air on and the heating system off! Postponing that heating bill as long as I can!
Your central air probably costs more than the heating.

Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
It's a little chilly today but the windows are still open. It's supposed to be in the 30's again this week. Hopefully not, we took the air conditioner out yesterday.

Our heat hasn't been on yet. The few days its been cold, we just wore sweaters.
Yes, it's supposed to be 29 degrees today. I put my summer clothes away last month thinking that fall was coming, so now I have nothing cool to wear. This is crazy weather for October. I'm not complaining though.
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We haven't turned on our heater yet but it has been cool at nite so we don't need the air on.
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