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So nervous!

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I am currently in school for x-ray tech. Well, yesterday, at my new clinical site I was offered a student tech position. The hours are every other weekend 12 hours Sat. (7am-7pm) and 12 hours Sun. (7am-7pm). But the director told me I could do the 12 hours Sat. and 8 hours Sun. if I wanted (which I think I am). I'm so nervous about this! This will be my first "job" in this field, granted I'm still a student. I've gained quite a bit of confidence so far but I still need to work on it.

But I'm also nervous because the hospital is an hour and a half drive away and I will have to stay overnight Saturday nights because there's no sense in driving an hour and a half home to go to bed and then get right back up at 4:30am to drive an hour and a half to the hospital.

I'm just a little sad that I will have to spend every other Saturday day and night and most of the day Sunday away from my SO and my kitties. I get homesick very easily.

But, I do think I will get tons of experience from this position and it will work out to be a good thing in the future. Plus I'll have some income now...that will feel so good!! Thanks for listening!
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Aww....I'm sure it'll be a great experience! Of course, i don't know very much about that feild...BUT I do watch "Scrubs"
But really, even if it doesn't turn out perfect, it'll at least be a great learning opportunity!
Hope you don't get TOO home sick...maybe bring an ipod or cd player or book on tape or something to listen to softly while you sleep. Background noise and familiar sounds always help me sleep!
Best of luck!
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It sounds like a great opportunity
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