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Ziggy's surgery date is set

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If anyone remembers from my previous post Ziggy was diagnosed with melanoma in his left eye a couple months ago. He had his follow up appointment today and the vet said she saw some spreading so we have to remove the eye soon in order to save his life. we set the appointment date to November 8, I'm so sad about it, but I know its the best for him. any words of support or advice would be very much appreciated

Ziggy also has a myspace: http://www.myspace.com/zgyzig
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Aww Ziggy has to get the eye removed...hopefully everything goes well with the surgery Ziggy is in our thoughts & our prayers...We hope he will have a speedy recovery!

You are doing such a great thing with Ziggy by making the tough decision to sacrifice his eye for his life!

Please update us on what happened with his surgery & if hes okay
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Many thoughts and prayers for both you and Ziggy Please keep us updated on his progress.
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Awww Ziggy, he will adjust quickly to having one eye, I know there are people on here that can relate to this and they should be along soon to talk to you. Many prayers for you and Ziggy for a successful operation
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You and ZIggy are both in my thoughts and Prayers.
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thanks so much I'm all teary-eyed. I will definitely post an update and pictures after the surgery is over. they said they will give him an implant and sew up his eyelid so it will keep the shape of his face the same, he'll just look like he is permanently winking.
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Oh Sweetie Im so sorry you and Ziggy are going through this.
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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