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Ban on declawing cats in West Hollywood, CA

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I just read on a list, about an AP story reporting that West Hollywood, CA, is going to ban the declawing of cats. This city was also one of the first to approve the guardian language.
A council member was quoted as saying, "the declawing ban would put some teeth in the guardian resolution".
Has anyone heard about this? I don't personally declaw my cats, but I'm sure some homes would not have pet cats, if they were not allowed to declaw them. I can see it now. People going over the boarder or to different towns to have their cats declawed.
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Do you have the link to the story....?!
I would be interested in reading it!

I did a search at www.ap.org and did not find anything?!

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great news!!!!
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That's great to hear!! Although I didn't understand that one guy's stance-I saved a cat from the pound, so that gives me the right to declaw it to save my couch. Huh???

I really hope that the US will one day follow those European nations and outlaw declawing except in desperate circuimstances. Way to go West Hollywood!
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Ohhh I really hope they pass the law.
Even if they had to go across the borders, that pure laziness factor might keep them from doing it!

I wish all of america would adopt this. Unless for whatever sever medical reason the cat had to be declawed (I'm sure there must be some reason out there.)
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This would be a tremendous victory for the general well-being of cats everywhere! I hope this measure passes and other cities soon follow suit.
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I think that bluekat had a good point:"I'm sure some homes would not have pet cats, if they were not allowed to declaw them."

I would personally rather have a shredded couch than to let someone yank out my cat's claws, but I also understand that some would not be cat owners if declawing were not an option. I think that if we could ask the cats, they would rather go without claws than to remain a stray or be killed in a shelter, or what have you.
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Hip hip hooray!! It may only be a small step, but it's a step!!

For me this is not just about the cats and the HORRIBLE PAIN people put them through for their convenience, it's also about us as a society. So long as we treat our animals as objects, disregarding their feelings and needs, ignoring the great responsibilities pet owners take on, for our convenience and shallow desires, we are teaching our children that it is okay to disregard life, life has no value. Convenience and selfishness are becoming more and more the norm in our society. Everyone speculates on what is going wrong with our society when kids shoot up their schools, snipers take over cities, etc etc. What is wrong is that children are not being taught responsiblity and respect for life. And it's not just kids, adults too. When things like chopping off kitty paws are affordable and "acceptable", how can you expect them to take greater responsiblities in their lives?

sorry LOL but I had to rant
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I wonder if it would help if we sent a copy of this to our respective city councils? When I lived near Raleigh, NC, some people got together and informed the city fathers there that there were animals not being cared for properly when being sold at a flea market held at the State Fairgrounds. Someone spoke to the people that ran the market, and they immediately took steps to prevent it. The animals were being left in the hot sun, and in some cases not being given adequate water, and several other things. They moved the animal area to a shady part of the grounds, with water more readily available. This was as simple as having attention called to it. I know the declawing issue would be much tougher, but it has to start somewhere.
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To comment on the people who wouldn't adopt cats if they can't declaw them statement.
I feel that if you are either ignorant enough to not know that it's bad to declaw cats, or that you care more about your furniture then the well being of your cats, then you shouldn't OWN cats.
At least until you are further educated on what goes on during a declaw. I'm not trying to bash cat owners who don't know that it's a bad thing yet.

That's like people who give away dogs or wont own one because they don't know how or don't bother to try and train their dog not to excessively bark... it's a dog, it's going to bark, if you can't accept that or be willing to work with the dog, then don't get one.
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