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Question of the Day - October 2nd

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Katie must still not be feeling well today and I think she passed the cold along to me, so today's question wil be based on that.

Do you have any "comfort" things that make you feel better when you are sick? chicken soup, a certain blanket, etc?
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I have snuggles with Puskin.
And if he's in a grumpy mood, big fluffy socks and my snuggly cashmere sweater will do the trick instead.
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I have my little teddy bear that John bought for me when we were in Gatlinburg... I love that little bear!
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chicken noodle soup & saltine crackers... and cuddling in my comforter with Bayley - he's my cuddler!
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I'm still getting over a cold myself But whenever i'm sick like that i hate fuss, so all i want to do is get my blankie, adopt a position on the sofa with plenty of fluids by my side, the remote for the t.v. and the babies on my lap, with peace and quiet, and i had all three of them on me at the weekend, bliss!!
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Chicken soup for a cold, and Bella's stuffed kitty Cannoli and her Blanket too But I cuddle with them everynight whether I'm sick or not

Katie I hope you feel better soon
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Usually just some peace and quiet but with three boys...that doen't happen. So something that I love is having some lemon tea. You fill a cup with hot water, put in lemon juice to taste and some honey to taste. It feels SOOO good. I also like to soak in a nice warm bubble bath.
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A bowl of nice hot chicken noodle soup and Frisco of course!

And when I have a sore throat I find hot chocolate helps.
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Whenever we get sick - its all about being cozy Get everything you need all ready to go & just lay/relax the rest of the day & hope the sickness goes away!

A big bowl of chicken noodle soup soothes nicely...and being snuggly with our fuzzies helps too, they make you smile when you aren't feeling good
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Just laying down with my electric blanket on and my big Yowdy siamese cuddled up with his head on my pillow purring makes me feel so much better.
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to rest in my hammock with lots and lots of water and of course our blanket for sickness, I mean One of stamp of kittys!
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Chamomile Tea. The heat from it helps keep my sinuses drained (I know gross), but that's the one place I get hit everytime I get sick: stuff sinuses to the point I can't breathe.

However if I start to feel ill, my body will begin to crave orange juice. It's really funny that way and most times I drink it until I'm no longer craving it and I don't get sick
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My cat!!!! If I EVER feel bad, she is there for me.
Also, music. There are some bands that just make me feel great no matter what's wrong
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A book and Sampson curled at my feet and Max in my lap!
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Bananas they never fail to make me feel better!
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It always used to be Grandma's chicken soup. She used to make a pot a week. But it's been years since I had any between moving out of state in my early teens and now that she's not in top health. My Aunt makes it and I'm sure it's just as good, but I've not had hers.
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Peppermint Schnapps
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I pick of Sundance and have a nice long snuggle with my baby boy. Hes so soft and squishy. He always makes me feel better.
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Definitely laying down with a bunch of pillows and blankets, remote control, a bunch if kitty cats, hot tea and possibly some soup.

Sending feel good vibes to you Katie
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yup, still feeling yucky, was going to go into work today but decided against it.

and now I know who I got it from- Susan!!

I like to sleep, sleep, sleep. Both Sunday night into Monday and Monday night into Tuesday I slept about 13 to 14 hours
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Hi Katie!

Send some of that sleep over here. I have been watching movies a good part of the day. Abby keeps coming by to check on me.

Hope you feel better.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post

Do you have any "comfort" things that make you feel better when you are sick? chicken soup, a certain blanket, etc?
Yes - my cats! Nothing makes me feel better than some lovin' from them when I'm feeling down or sick! : Especially from Maverick, b/c he's my little snuggler!

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Fluffy socks, my favorite blanket and Apple Spice tea. Then both the kitties and I curl up on the couch and stay there. Sassy stays with me all the time when I am not feeling well, but Linus generally will stay for a bit, then go play for awhile.
My favorite comfort food is chicken vegetable soup, homemade but that is not as difficult as it sound. I always make way to much and end up freezing it so I always have a ready supply.
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Hot bath. Then duvet, books, magazines, Kitty if he`s in a good mood on the sofa with my Zippy socks and extra pillows
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I like a hot bath, a cup of ttea and my snuggly blanket, My oldest daughter wants homemade chicken soup, with homemade noodles in it, and her blanket
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I've got a really bad cold today - didn't yesterday, I was fine. I went to work like usual, and cooked dinner when I got home.....

Then curled up in the corner of my sofa with my Laptop.....
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A nice hot bowl of soup and saltine crackers, hot tea, and a comfy warm blanket and warm fuzzy slippers
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Chicken noodle soup and a hot bath.
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Popsie makes me feel better
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I've had a cold for two days now. UGH! I like to be in bed snuggled under the blankets with cats surrounding me sleeping the yuckies away. I did it today since I didn't have to go in until 11. I didn't feel much better but I was happy waking up with all the kitties surrounding me, like my kitty protection.

Feel better everyone!
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