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Daily Thread 02/10/07

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Morning All

Cool and cloudy here today. Looks like we are going to be getting some rain later.

Same old type of day for me, heading off to work in a bit. I am thinking about maybe making some apple and pumpkin pies when I get home from work. I picked up 2 baskets of Mac Apples at the farmers Market on Sunday so need to do something with them. Also my brother dropped off 2 very large pumpkins from his garden. One I will save for Halloween but the other is going to be pie for this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

The kitties are great this morning. They are sitting in the kitchen window watching the birds. I have a wild black cherry tree beside my house and it is full of birds this morning. There are still cherry's left on it so I think that is what they are after.

Everyone have a good day.
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Good morning to everyone!

It's going to be another nice day here in Indiana, sunny and 80s. I've got a busy day ahead of me, I decided that today is bath day for all the kitties and the dogs. It's not something I'm looking forward to but it must be done!

Have a great day everyone!
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A good ole day at work...its hard to go to work when the kittens are up & running around. I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to snuggle with them all day...kiss their little bellies...we fall in love with them more & more everyday! Can't wait to come home to greet everyone!

The birds were chirping this morning & our cats were kitty chirping back at them. A pesky squirrel was drinking from the bird fountain. Love seeing wildlife...always makes us smile
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I'm trying to tell myself I NEED to get up and get some work done, but TCS is too addicting. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get any work done when I'm sitting on the internet like this with all of my website just within my grasp...

It's overcast here, but the leaves are finally starting to mass color-change, which ranks it a beatiful day in my book!

Have a good day, everybody!
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It's another beautiful day outside, but I don't feel well today. I have been just hanging around and taking it easy.

Have a good day everyone.
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good afternoon! I'm still sick as well but it is really beautiful outside and I've enjoyed hanging with the kitties the last 2 days not going to make the trip to school tonight, so I'll get some reading done instead!
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Get well vibes for both AbbysMom and katiemae1277.

Hope you are both feeling better tomorrow....
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Well its been overcast with rain predicted for later today. Right now slight breeze and 67F
Got a load of wood mulch this morning-its nice using the trailer when its brakes finally work.
Spread about 5 yards of my load at a clients then while on my way home I saw one of my former co-workers car at her house so I stopped in and chatted a while.
I had to back the truck and trailer twice to see her-that's quite an achievement for me!!
Anyhow now shoulder is sore (having a beer to commerserate)
Cut some of my hydrangea's for decoration.
Going to relax rest of day.
Salmon patties, salad and tater tots for dinner tonite-not very creative but easy
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Hello all!

Did major job searching today as well as a few errands. I've also sorted through some of the MANY candles that we have and began finding places for them rather than on top of the fireplace. I'm trying a little Feng Shui...I figure that the sooner I can get my house organized, the sooner I can get my life organized!! I'll let you all know if it works.
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I've been working everyday and am so tired and sick it's not even funny.
I almost fell asleep driving home the other day and I only live 10 minutes from work. That's when I knew I was getting sick. Now I'm officially feeling yucky but am still going to work (I love infecting customers, cause I can't stay home. Gotta love being overworked ) Oh well, just goes up from here right?
I meant to go and change my cell number today but I'm to tired and just didn't feel like it, so I'll go tomorrow.

They got our roof on in 5 days and are starting on the siding. I wish it was all done. I can't handle the noise, messes and stress involved with it. They said in a couple of weeks they should be done. Lordy I hope so. I hate being sick when I have people making noise around me. I just want it to be quiet. But it'll be SOO pretty when it's done. I can't wait.

to those who are sick. Get better soon!

Have a great night everyone!
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