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Lost cat 6 Weeks Gone :(

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I had just recently moved to a new home when my cat got out 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately my old home was about 50 miles away.

My cat was spotted after 1 week of being lost and he was spotted about 4 blocks from my new home. Then after that it's been like he vanished.

Does anyone know if since he was in the area after 1 week, he'd still be in the area after 6 weeks? We have had food and clothing and his litter box and toys out ever since he went missing. I am starting to wonder where I should be searching for him. I just expanded my paper ad to include the paper of where I used to live.

Also, I visit the shelters often and I have come across this kitty that I am getting attached to. If I were to bring it home, would that ensure that my cat would never return just because of the new cat smell that would come with the new kitty?

I by no means want to replace my old one, I am just falling for this new one and would love to give it a good home. Then when my cat comes back, I'd have 2 cats. Any advice on that? If it will definitely guarantee my cat to never come back, then I will not get the new one and will continue to do what I'm doing for mine to come back.

I have also heard that if you get a new kitten after your cat is lost, then your cat will show up really soon. Is there any truth to that? I have heard examples of it a few times but am not sure of any scientific facts that support it. Like does your cat smell something new and wants to investigate so comes back?

Also, 2 weeks after my cat got out I got married then was gone for a week on a honeymoon. There appeared to be signs of my cat around our house that week we were gone. Since we were not there that week will my cat come back eventually (since it appears he was able to identify our house)? Or will he be mad and never come back since we weren't there for him when he was there?

Thanks for the advice! Many blessings.
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6 weeks is a really long time for your cat to be gone. I did have a cat come back after it was missing for 6 weeks though. I was still living with my mom at the time and she still has that cat. But you are in a new home and the cat very well might not be familiar with surroundings and able to find it's way home. I did get a new cat when mine was missing and the cat still came home. I still have that cat today also. I think it is ok if you want to get the new cat.
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Was the cat that was lost gone when you got the new cat? And then it still returned? If so, how soon after did it return?

Ya, I am nervous that my cat doesn't know the area at all. However, when he was born, he was born outside and live outside for 2 years so he definitely knows how to get by being outside.

Thanks for the response.
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I used to have cats that went outside. It isn't uncommon for them to take off for a while... I had a cat once and so did a friend actually that would take off for up to a couple months at a time. I've actually heard of males doing that often. Is he neutered? He could just be out exploring his new territory... My parents had a cat once that when they moved he kept making his way back across town to their old house which was nowhere near 50 miles away. They eventually ended up letting a neighbour from the old place have her because they were afraid she would get hit crossing the many intersections and roads between the two places. I've never gotten a new cat while mine was on the run so I don't know but I would think it would depend on the personalities, maybe even the sexes (again depending on the personalities) of the two cats.
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Originally Posted by BrownieLuv View Post
Was the cat that was lost gone when you got the new cat? And then it still returned? If so, how soon after did it return?
Yes the cat was lost before we got the new cat. Just like you I was going around to the shelters looking for the lost cat and came across a cat I really liked. So I adopted it. The lost cat came back 4 weeks after the new cat came home.
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So if I go to buy the cat that I really like at the shelter. The reason I really like it is because it shakes and then I go up to it and it stops. Is it just nervous? Unfortunately the shelter has both dogs and cats in the SAME room so from what I have observed, it seems like the cat really only shakes when the dogs are barking and if no-one is giving him attention. That is why I have fallen for him because I want to give him a loving home where he doesn't have to worry about dogs scaring him.

Is it just that he is scared though or could there be a neurological disorder? I guess I could call a vet and figure that out.

The new cat is neutered male and my cat is neutered male - is that safe to buy the new one and hope mine still shows up again?

My cat has not been outside for 5 years but prior to that he lived at my parents house and was out quite alot from what my mom tells me. Apparently he was ALWAYS trying to run out the doors and tended to get out often doing so. He would be gone for days at a time but never weeks. So I hope he is just venturing around the area trying to see what it's all about and getting food. One thing I have noticed by putting out flyers and ads in the paper is that there are a TON of loving and caring people out there. So that makes me feel really good. One thing I think is that rather than him trying to go back to my apartment (because he was never allowed out there) is that he'll try to go to my parents house(where he was always out and was born) but that is even further...about 75 miles away. I wonder how long it'd take him to travel that far? hmmm..
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BrownieLuv, IMO, that new cat has crossed your path for a reason- if he shakes & then stops when you come see him, then he feels that home is with you And, yup, it can happen that your old cat can come back if you get a new cat, and also, if the weather gets too rough. But your old cat may have found a new place to live, too; it is very common for people to assume that a stray cat is ownerless. Two neutered males should adjust okay; the females tend to be more territorial, altho each cat is different.
If you rescue the new guy, please post pics!
I'll be checking for updates. Susan
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