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has you got many different names

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i know all of you have names for your cats but im in the habit of calling them different names am i the only one that does this?

Kasper gets called BaBa dont ask me why??

Church gets called sillies lol another one i dont know why

and Violet gets called pooper or girly lol

anyone else have funny names for their cats that are not their real names?
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Demetri - fancy pants or just fancy

Farley - the Lord (his registered name is Lord Arlington)

Anastasia - little miss, little girl, madame

They all get pumpkin, sweety, darling etc.
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Kasper get called fancy pants too by my partner cause he struts round as if to say look at me lol
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Spooky Bear - Pookaly

Tabitha - Tabbery, Potato

Spike - Pickerington, Snickerdoodle

Leo - Leonard, Cleo

Sophia - Floofia

Woody Jr. - Woodward or Woodford, Poof

None of the rest have ended up with weird nicknames yet, lol
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Radar and Sonic are Splodgekins and Podgekins.
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so im not the only one keep them coming these are great
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This is fun.

Horatio - is just that... OR when he climbs into my lap I call him 'handsome', "hey there handsome", "come here handsome" and he will come to it... LOL... so I suppose Horatio will find "handsome" as his 2nd name LOL *but he IS oh so handsome*

Yuki - When I call to her or she's in my lap, she's Yook, or Yookadoooka.

Max - I call him Maxamillion, or Maximus

Big Ben - he has not been here that long... however his previous owner was Polish... & we told the kids how to say Ben in Polish 'Benshu' (which is what she often called him), & we tell them how Big Ben is *shy* & is "relaxing" in my room until he is ready to meet them. & they tell me "No Mommy, its Benshu", I guess they like the name Ben in Polish better. Which is fine, he's already used it being called Ben & Benshu
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Charlie is "Mr. Charles" (that's DH's fav - he started it), Charlie Boy or Mr. Charlie

Ling is Miss Ling, or LingLing

Keno is Keno pup, Miss KenoPup or Pupppeeee

Spooky was Pooky Bear (my son called him Pooky a lot when he (son) was little, so it stuck)
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Oh cute thread! My mothers cats have lots of nick names.

Porthos - We also call him Boss (because he has this 'I'm the Boss and I am NOT amused!' look) and Bob/Bobby since he looks like a bobcat.

Aramis - We almost never call him by his given name. >_>; He gets called Mushi because he is like a living limp noodle when you pick him up. He goes all 'mushy' and cuddly!

Dartangion - Darty and Handsome. He is SUCH a flirt, he loves to prance up on his toes, do the squinty-eye greeting and rubs allllll over your legs.
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yasmine : yasmine spazman, yazzie

Molly - mollytamali
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Ike is "Ike-a-suarus" and mostly when I leave in the mornings i say "Au revoir, mon chat noir!" Oh, and when she's being annoying and fighting I call her "Chatka" idea why.
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Tosh - Mr. Grumpy (he has diabetes and when his blood sugar goes down, so does his mood. )
Oreo - Double stuffed as well as Alpha baby.
Snickers- Sweetie pie, Honey bunny and Catty girl
Jazz - Jazzy boy
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such cute names
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Sassy gets fuzzy butt or Boo Boo all the time.

Fuzzy butt because the fur running down the back of his hind legs curls.
Boo Boo I have no clue why.

Linus gets called stinky or doodle bug.

Sticky Well I don't think I need to say much about that
Doodle bug because he's always up to something that is meant to bug Sassy.

You know a run on sentence as in Linus what are you dodododoodlingnowtobugSasssyyyyyyyyy
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Names: Nicknames
Sliver - Boo, Slivas, & Sivies
Snowball - Papas, Mr. Bear, Snowy, & Nono
Sage - Mr. Sage, Sausage, & Sagey
Sushie - Soo, Susha, & Musha
Spooky - Pooky, Pooka, & Pooka Doo
Spici - Pici, Pica, Spica, & Spaz
Shilo - ShyShy
Sadee - Sades
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I call Popsie, smoochie face, pip squeak, munchkin, punkin and sweetums. Oh yeah there's stinky too.
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