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Big Cat

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Sarah Brown sent me this picture, I thought you'd all like to see it! It is a 21 foot long, 10 foot high stone tiger statue used at the Detroit Tiger Stadium in Michigan. Sarah and her fiance hauled this cute li'l kitty from Norwalk Conneticut to Michigan.
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Wonder what my kitties would do if i brought that statue home!!!
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I appreciate you posting the picture for me. You'd think a college educated woman could learn how to post pics. But, I can't seem to get the nack of it. This was a great haul. I have two rolls of film taken of this tiger and others that were there too, along with the stadium front. I have yet to scan them though. I'll share them with anyone who is interested when I get them scanned. My scanner pooped out on me. I have to get a new one. :tounge2:
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That is one big cat!
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