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Bladder cancer? Or possibly something else?

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My 14 year old spayed female (Bird) has had chronic UTI's for a few months now, and has been urinating on things left around the house. Getting a Litter Robot seemed to help for a while, but the UTI symptoms have continued, one of which has been blood in the urine. This time, she was 8 days off her antibiotics, inappropriate peeing problems seem to have improved, but at her recheck, she still had blood in her urine, and apparently a good bit (while not visible to the naked eye). Her vet has sent off a sample for cultures to make sure that we are treating her with the right antibiotics, and to look for abnormal cells, etc..

We have just recently changed her food (last week to all Nutro) to a low magnesium food (her old food had too much, according to sharky and others who responded to that thread- thanks again ) but I am wondering if there is anything else this could be?
She also is on a med for hyperthyroidism, and her weight is back up and has been steady for a while (6 months?).
The vet didn't see any crystals (she had these about 12 years ago, but they went away) or evidence of stones...

Thanks for any and all help you can give!
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Dumb question .... when was her last senior blood panel??
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Hmmm, I don't remember if they did a full one or not when they checked/diagnosed her thyroid this year or not. I took her in because of the sudden and extreme weight loss. This is a new vet (whom I do like a lot) . What 'cha thinkin'? Is there something else to check for first?
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Well Kandies CRF left her UTI suseptable ... My dogs liver issues can put her at more risk( I watch closely)... I am unsure but evan the thyroid may contribute... OKAY enough of my HOLISTIC thinking
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The vet did say (I remembered after a google search) that her specific gravity test came back as very good. That means probably not CFR, right? (I looked up CRF a while back when she was diagnosed with the hyperthroidism, because it can contribute to CRF, apparently. I will have to reread a bit). She is using the litterbox (the box is in the our bathroom, and she seems to subscribe to the "going in pairs" theory, lol). I guess I will just keep praying that it is something that will clear up with the food change and /or medication. I did read that bladder cancer in cats is very rare- here's hoping...

And thanks- any thinking will help me get through the waiting on those tests to come back . I will be calling to check on them (the first set- the others won't be back until at least Friday) this afternoon.
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Okay, no cancer! They had to resend for the cytology test- the lab screwed up and didn't do it. But the vet called yesterday and said that there were no cancer cells, so it maybe something else- Idiopathic? Inflamation maybe? I can't remember- whatever it is (I will get it written down when I go get the med), we will do a month on a compounded med (she is going to call me back with the price) and then, if that fixes things, we will wean her off of it and see how it goes... I'm hoping and praying that this does the trick!
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Your kitty sounds like my chronic cystitis girl, who is 12 now but started with these problems at 6 months old.

The last time she got a UTI it was so bad she was peeing chunks of bloody mucus. I thought for certain it was bladder cancer this time, was bawling at the vets office. She has ready had bladder surgery.

It took two weeks of amoxicillin, a month of pen_G injections and 4 days of Gentimycin injections to get her clear.

We started her on Cosequin and she has been doing great. I do uses the brand name Cosequin. This is supposed to be a joint suppliment, but it also promotes a healthy bladder lining and prevents bladder wall irritation. My Zoe's bladder wall ( ultrasound study) is extremely thick due to chronic irritation. Studies in humans showed a significant positive effect for women with Cystitis.

I think if you google Cosequin and Cystitis you will find some research articles. Something to discuss with your vet to see if it may help.

Sending for long term healing.
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Another thing used for cats to help with the bladder lining is Cystaid - I know in the UK it is available without a prescription, I used it on my foster, and it helped keep his stress related cystitis at bay well, I believe it is glucosamine based.
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When Lola had her terrible UTI a month ago (6+ weeks of antibiotics to clear it up and 3 different cystocentesis) she was also put on Cosequin to help with the bladder irritation. I really think it helped her. I kept her on it for three weeks after we finished the antibiotics, to help with the litterbox avoidance issues that she was having. I'm happy to say that the UTI has finally cleared and we've discontinued the Cosequin....and she's using the litterbox regularly without incident again. The product I got from my vet is called Cosequin - flavored sprinkle capsules for cats, by Nutramax Laboratories. She recommended sprinkling it on Lola's wet food, but all three cats eat from the same dish. I was able to pill her with the capsule instead of sprinkling it on her food. (Actually, I put her Amoxicillin tablet into the capsule and gave them both to her at the same time...worked like a charm!)

Here's a couple of links to purchase it online:
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Thanks so much for all the help! When our vet calls me back, I will run these by her too. I really hope this does the trick...
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