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Josh won't stop scratching!!

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I had no other choice. I had to bring out the big guns.

The sock was irritating him too much. No matter how I positioned it or how I finagled it with coban or cutting up the sock in different ways... he'd always find a way to push it down so he could scratch the area. It was driving him crazy! It'll never heal if he keeps scratching it... and in fact it will only get worse if he does.

So I made a cone for him out of a cool whip container. I read online somewhere how they made a cone for their cat. He's not particularly happy with me right now, but in an odd way I think he prefers this to the sock.

First time on it was a bit too wide... it was making him crazy and I thought for sure he was reallllly mad at me... but after about half an hour he came and sat with me and hopped in my lap when I called him. So I took it off and while I was readjusting it he gave himself a little bath. I was really surprised, but he let me put it back on after I rubbed some hydrocortisone in around the open area. He really loved that part.

I'll tell you what he's not doing...... scratching! I feel so evil, but it's for the greater good.

I guess sometimes Mommies have to be the bad guy. I did find this great site on information about abcesses...don't know if it's allowed to post links though... is it? I'll post it if ppl would like to know.
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What is the reason he is scratching???
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Oh, he's healing from an abscess that burst on it's own.

The hospital I brought him to wanted to surgically treat it, but I can't afford to do that, so I'm treating it myself at home, which as it turns out...is better for him anyway.

I got great advice from everyone here and also found a place online that substantiated the advice I got from Pookie-Poo....


He's on antibotics and the Dr. said to just keep the area clean and to put a tub sock over his head that was cut off at both ends, but it was irritating him so much that he just kept scratching at it exposing the area and I'm so afraid of infection so I made a cone for him.

He's sleeping right now... my little angel.
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