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Vaccination side effects

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Buster received his yearly vaccinations yesterday for rabies and 4-in-one. He has gotten these shots each year since I found him in 2000. He never experienced any sort of reaction, so I was never worried. However, he seems different today. First, he has a bald patch near his neck. When I touched it, he flinched. I'm guessing that is where the injections occured. He has never lost any fur, so I'm surprised. However, I don't see any marks or scars at that spot. Plus, his appetite has been somewhat spotty since he arrived home last night. Are these side effects from vaccinations? I've never seen him react this way in the past.

I read some other posts on this forum about the pros and cons of vaccinations. I just want to know if these are somewhat common symptoms and will they dissipate within a few days.

I can't afford a vet appointment now because I just spent $250.00 last Friday plus the cost of his meds. However, if it's an emergency situation, I will take him in.
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Hi, I am by no means an expert, but it does sound like Buster had a reaction to the shot. If his fur and behavior is the same over the next day or so, I would at least call the vet on the phone and see what he thinks. Good luck!
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Call and talk with the vet ... the likely answer will be observe for a few days///

My Zoey had a bad reaction to getting two shots at once.... Maybe that is Buster s issue
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Thanks for everyone's help. Buster's appetite is starting to look normal again. Now I wonder if the pooping he did yesterday was a result of the vaccination rather than all the meds he was on for constipation. Nonetheless, he's still itching two spots and the fur is flying. I saw a little red mark where the injection went in. It doesn't look infected or open; it's just a bit inflamed.

Does anyone have suggestions to prevent him from itching while it heals or until I see a vet? I have a spare cone but that wouldn't help because he's not licking the spot; he's using his hind leg to scratch. I know this may sound dumb but I just ran to the 24 hour drug store and bought a newborn baby shirt to put on him in order to prevent him from scratching all night. I just don't know what else to do!
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Last year my kitten didn't have a reaction to her 1st vac, but when she had the 2nd one, the next day she was lethargic & off her food. By the next day she was back to her self. 3rd vac, only a slight reaction.
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